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    LF Arms PVE DPS guide

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good Arms PVE DPS guide. I've traditionally been a tank in PVE, but this expansion I've decided to go DPS, so could use some advice.


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    I've found that manaflask's guide are the most correct in the sense that the information they contain is more to the point and will yield better results for you: manaflask. com/en/guide/917/

    You might also take a look at guides from icy-veins and noxxic, but I've found these to be less accurate:
    noxxic. com/wow/pve/warrior/arms
    icy-veins. com/arms-warrior-wow-pve-dps-guide

    Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to look at more advanced topics such as how you dump rage etc. but that's another topic. Hope these guides will get you started!

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    changes to MS cd from 4.5 secs to 6 secs in MOP means you want to fit 3 GCDs between each MS.
    That is your basic rotation.

    As for priority:

    MS > CS > OP > SLAM > HT > BS > etc : HS in CS window if you have enough rage to do so and you're GCD capped within this 6 secs (or if you have 2+ stacks of taste for blood, then HS takes over SLAM)

    Exe (in CS window) > MS > CS > Exe

    Warrior dps is about how well you manage your rage IE: Build up when you don't have CS available, Conserve when your CS is about to be available, Dump in CS window or if you're about to cap & how well you manage your CDs. Reck / Skullbanner / DR / BB or Avatar based on the length of a given fight.

    ALWAYS try to make use of every single GCD you have either with.
    1. rage production abilities (MS) - when no rage, no CS
    2. rage neutral abilities (CS, BattleShout, Heroic Throw, Impending Victory if talented, etc) - when no rage or ample rage to prepare for a CS window
    3. rage dump abilities (Slam, HS, OP) - within a CS window
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    Thanks for the advice guys.

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    Would also like to add that for maximum DPS output you'll want to heroic leap (glyphed) on every cooldown when your other rotational abilities are on the GCD. It can be a percent or two increase.

    As far as cooldowns go, due to the upcoming nerfs to Avatar it will (when implemented) be pretty much a non-option for PvE DPS. You'll want to practice using Bloodbath effectively as soon as possible.

    This is a lot more in-depth information but never use DR with Reck up at the start of the fight. As DR always crits, you'll be wasting a global of reck for nothing. An example of a good opener at the start of a boss fight would be as follows:

    Charge --> Berserker Rage + BB + Skull Banner + DR --> Reck + CS --> normal DPS continues.

    (Some might like to also use pre-cast Shattering Throw. Personally I dislike the associated rage cost and greatly reduced useful uptime because of the initial CS punching through all armor in any case.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakkí View Post
    Would also like to add that for maximum DPS output you'll want to heroic leap (glyphed) on every cooldown when your other rotational abilities are on the GCD. It can be a percent or two increase.
    HL isn't on the gcd = use it whenever you don't need it for movement. Although I'm not using it on CD (shame on me), it's still around 2.5% on an average fight.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that cooldown stacking done right at especially the beginning of a fight is vital for doing good dps. Other than that, as I mentioned, something that I can't stress enough is how you dump rage. There are a variety of threads on this forum regarding that, with people with much more insight as to how to do great DPS as arms than I have.

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    Bloodbath is on such a short cooldown you might aswel macro it to your Mortal Strike and forget about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    Bloodbath is on such a short cooldown you might aswel macro it to your Mortal Strike and forget about it.
    Did that both on arms and fury, however BB just synergizes better with deadly calm, pooled rage, other short cds such as engineer gloves, trinkets, and most of all to make sure its has a full duration in a CS window.

    I macro BB with DC, glove tinker, trinket and pop it with pooled rage just before CS. Also would be great to time it with opening reck and execute reck.

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    Point is though that you want to maximise how many times you use it, the cooldown is so short that you dont want to be delaying it often unless you already know exactly how long the fight is going to take with your group. At the start of the fight is the time when many of your procs will hit off at once and cooldowns will be available, you might even have recklessness and a STR pot up, from there on things are mostly going to be a bit out of sync and using it on cooldown is not a bad idea.

    All this points to macroing Bloodbath to your main ability as being a good idea, and the less you have to think about the smaller room for error there is. If you ask a racing car driver to use a manual shift and heel toe he will be able to drive the car very well, but regardless of this he would still have more of his brain available for other things if that manual shift was replaced with a semi automatic (flappy paddle) style shift, meaning he would likely do a better job of things in other areas (better steering inputs, better racecraft, more awareness of surroundings).

    Same thing applies here, even if you're capable of tracking many things at once and syncing cooldowns, if you lessen the load your brain will be able to do a better job of the tasks left over, mistakes are less likely to happen, secondary tasks are likely to be done better.

    That is pretty much why I took bloodbath over the others in the first place, they we're close on numbers but the cooldown on bloodbath and the way it works meant I could realistically just macro it to Mortal Strike without gimping myself.
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    things to consider on the opener is obv using everything but reck with Dragonroar then recking after, also one thing im curious about still is the value of glyphed thunderclap, it seems pretty nice on those moments your'e just short of rage for a slam, and it seems to do more dmg than WW for aoe. Also if your having rage problems due to poor crit/enrage uptime or just bad rage management try using shockwave/stormbolt as they can fill a lot of gcds for free and still provide almost equal dmg out (possibly more early on with gear)

    With bloodbath generally even if i can't line it up with a cs, i will always have engineering gloves + berserker rage enrage + dragonroar for every one which helps, you can also have shock wave for everyone too
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