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    i dear? do you mean idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAWRF View Post
    i dear? do you mean idea?
    Ok Mr spelling police are going to contribute to the discussion or did you just comment to critique my spelling?

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    Once all the content is released this patch you get 450 from lfr and 480 from killing all the bosses on normal mode. I don't think getting 70 vp outside raids is too much to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sznur View Post
    I didn't say anything about trying to be a raider, only about ability to spent my valor. There are many ways of obtaining valor: dailies, scenarios, heroics, LFR and raiding, yet only one way of unlocking gear for that currency - dailies. This topic is about dailies being optional, so I simply pointed that dailies are optional only if I don't care about spending my valor. And no, saying that I can get revered with a faction in 7 days (I want that WoW version that allows that btw) doesn't make doing them optional.

    I'm sorry, is it actually 8-10 days? Wow, thats impossible!! Blizzard is trying to kill all the casuals! Call the cops! Santa will never get here!!

    Finish the regular quests that give rep and that will give you honored so you can buy those valor gears and in the 3-6 months that takes you then you should of replaced all your heroic gear with raid drops and you would never of had to see a single daily. You are unwilling to see the big picture, you only see the instant gratification picture.

    If you are not raiding then you don't need valor gear. Coren Direbrew drops 2 epic items and you can get rings from headless horseman + all the valor items from honored without any dailies. So unless you need all your valor gear so you can roll through heroic like a boss so you can complain that its too easy and you have nothing to do, well theres nothing anyone can do to make you happy. Sorry.
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    Do 2 dailies a day or do dailies once a week and you'll likely never waste a single VP. No it's not the best part of the game but neither is farming consumables to raid with or leveling in order to do the latest content or working the AH for money but it's not mandatory content unless you choose to make it mandatory (by being in a guild that requires it or setting your own expectations).

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    It's almost as if people forgot about the Tol Barad dailies.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    Can I see your degree in game design please?
    Right after you tell me why you think that is good design. Note that I'm only saying that locking Valor gear behind all of the reputations is bad game design. I also called the initial MoP Justice point design bad and it was changed because it really was bad. It's ok for Blizzard to make design mistakes. I just hope that they change that one thing at some point.

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    I honestly think the majority of MMO posters who are "hating on the people who hate dailies" are just simply sick and tired of seeing the 183764646th thread about it :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdummy View Post
    And i think you need to understand context.

    Yes, nothing in the game is forced or required, NOTHING.

    Now, going from teh abstract meaning of words and SETTING THEM INTO CONTEXT, something that gives you a BIG ADVANTAGE in any activity you are doing WILL BE forced and required.

    Just a quick example, i know, RL examples are bad, but to give you another way to see the subject. Is going to the gym required for running? No, but runner are forced and going to the gym is required for them because of the big advantage it gioves them.

    Context my friend, context.
    No, just no. That is not how you use the word forced and required, at all. No person who wish to exercise is forced to go to a gym, it can be advantageous, but he/she could just as well take a run in the forest or go for a swim at the pool-house. I really don't see how anyone's first thought would be "hm, I would like to go for a run, so I will head over to the gym" over actually just getting out there running... Just, wherever.

    You can obtain everything when it comes to gear without doing a single daily quest, hence no matter what context you are trying to pull out, you aren't forced to do a single one. The only one who can force you to do that, is yourself, and that is really not Blizzards problem.
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    As far as Alt dailies go I am not doing any dailies on alts until 5.1 drops. That will take the sting out of dailies for alts. It also means those alts won't have access to the rewards but that is my choice, rewards come with work and if I dont want to work I don't reap the benefits.

    I am currently over geared on my main for heroics and I only have 2 valor gear and 1 raid item so I am spending my free time getting guildies through heroics to gear them up as they are not as pro-active as I am.

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    And after reading the comments I wonder:
    Why the fuck do people care about how others get their reputation?
    Daily quests? Fine.
    Tabards? Fine.
    Tokens? Fine.
    The end result is still the same: You're all going to sit at the main city without anything to do, waiting for the next content patch to arrive.
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    "I didn't want to grind rep, so I got crafted gear to boost my item level instead."

    "I didn't want to grind rep, so I got PvP gear to boost my item level instead."

    "I didn't want to grind rep, so I got PvE gear off the BMAH instead."

    Add those sources to the epics from the holiday dungeons, and people should have no problem getting sufficiently geared pre-raid without doing dailies.

    All of those options will help you get into raiding and LFR without committing to reputation grinding. Dailies aren't required, contrary to popular belief. The catch is, you can't expect to get gear for nothing. You need to grind heroics and then EITHER do dailies, do PvP for Conquest, or farm the mats and gold for crafted and BoE gear. Saying that dailies are "required" is blatantly false-- they're skippable IF you're willing to put in the effort in another area. If you're not willing to put in effort in more than one area, that's why people are calling you lazy.

    I can respect not wanting to do dailies. I don't understand why people don't see that they have other options.
    Stop hating people that ENJOY the new system as well. Calling it things like an "asia grinder" and putting down the people who DO enjoy the current system does nothing to help your case.

    As a side note, it literally took me ONE DAY of Shado-Pan daily questing to unlock the first selection of Valor gear from them, after doing the Kun-Lai and Towlong questing while levleing, and turning in the Sha quest. If I'd been a human, I wouldn't have even needed to do a single day of Shado-Pan dailies.
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    I agree with you OP.

    I think dailies should be a viable and perhaps optimal way to grind rep, they get people out into the world.

    I just want an option to use a tabard in dungeons, even if its half as efficient as dailies. I just want to have a choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    Ok Mr spelling police are going to contribute to the discussion or did you just comment to critique my spelling?
    That wasn't a spelling mistake, that was a spelling disaster. Did you honestly not know how to spell "idea" or "exalted"?

    On Topic:
    Dailies ARE NOT required and are optional for people who want to do them.

    If you do not have the time to grind rep for dailies, then why would you need the recipes or gear that you get from the reps as I am sure you won't/don't have time to raid?

    OP said himself he is pretty much casual with limited time to play and gets valor from LFR and dungeons, not raiding. So why do you need the valor gear? The mounts, tabards and other vanity items are OPTIONAL. If you want them, you work to get them.

    Also, this game didn't "become" an Asian grinder. This is how this game use to be pre-WoTLK where everyone was just handed to you. Welcome to a game the rewards people for accomplishing things instead of a free grab bag.

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    I wasn't around for the start of them, but did folks complain this hard about the Firelands dailies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporky0 View Post
    So, to get rep. You HAVE TO DO DAILIES.

    Explain to me how that is optional... It might be "optional" in terms of whether or not you want to earn those reputations. But if you want those reputations then the cluster fuck of dailies is forced upon you. Yeah you can earn those reputations slowly if you want and that is indeed optional. But the dailies are NOT OPTIONAL.

    I dont want to be forced to do a rep grind that takes a minimum amount of time. I don't want to be tied down to shitty dailies that take up all my time. '

    "I want something, but I don't want to do what I need to in order to get it!! WAAAAHHHHH"

    The problem is that you and all the other whiny people want to just get rep for free, from wearing a tabard and doing other stuff. Blizz decided that was too easy because, well, it was. You were getting rep even if you did nothing for that faction. It was silly and they should have never used that system.

    Look, I get t hat dailies can be boring. I'd make some changes and give people a few other ways to get rep with some factions, ideally by typing certain dungeons to a faction much like TBC. But at this point you're just bitching. It's not hard to get enough rep to get most of the stuff that you'd want. If you want Exalted with everyone, well, yeah, that's a lot of work. But that's because Exalted SHOULD mean something. It shouldn't be stupidly easy to gain exalted with every faction in the first two months of the expansion.

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    Stop hating people that hate people that hate dailies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post
    It's almost as if people forgot about the Tol Barad dailies.....
    Oh god. I hated those. Most tedious things ever. Once I got my gear I never looked back. That mount was not worth the effort.

    OT: Dailies are optional content to do. I got 470 by spamming heroics til 460, then did LFR and holiday bosses. I only do dailies now so I can get the coins. With the hurricane keeping schools closed (I work as a sub para, so it means I am off) and no way to see any of my friends, I have been doing all the dailies so once I do have work again, I can skip a few days if need be.

    If you don't want to do dailies, don't. They are just something to do, along with pet battles, raising an alt, and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    I wasn't around for the start of them, but did folks complain this hard about the Firelands dailies?
    No, and I think I know why; there was a reasonable amount of them to do.
    You didn't feel overwhelmed, could pretty much finish them in 30 mins and then go off and do your own stuff.
    Now people feel like they're falling behind if they do not do them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangetai420 View Post
    I just want an option to use a tabard in dungeons, even if its half as efficient as dailies. I just want to have a choice.
    Why should merely wearing a tabard ever get rep? What's the connection there? 'Oh, hey, he wore our symbol, let's consider him an exalted member of our group." WHAT?

    Look, rep should be tied to doing things for the faction, not just wearing something. The issue is that the only thing we can do right now for a faction is dailies. I get that it's monotonous but even I, who am about as casual about rep as the come, am revered Klaxxi and a day or two from revered GL. I don't want anything from other factions so... guess what? I'm going to stop doing dailies. That's right, I'll be done with the rep grind on my main not even 2 months into a 2 YEAR expansion. Hard, isn't that?

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