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    Quote Originally Posted by Calamari View Post
    I like the idea of getting back bleed-on-crit as a mastery for arms alot, even if it would also mean that crit would pull even further ahead of mastery and haste.. but so i does for Fury as well so who cares.
    Not necessarily, if the mastery were balanced right, then yes you would want crit to proc the bleed but mastery would increase its damage it depends on whether it would work like the old deep wounds and deal damage based on the hit that applied it or if it would deal damage based on a mastery multiplier on your weapon damage, like the bleed is X% of your weapon damage and mastery increases X
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    A warrior is kinda like a blender.* You can shatter it from a long way off with a gun, or you could even pull the plug so it can't move, but if you stick your face into it when it's moving you're going to lose.

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    i would like it if blizz gave us a new mastery. this one is just dull and boring.

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    I would like if they made the mastery proc attack give us a bit of rage whenever it would hit

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    I dislike Arms mastery for the same reason I dislike Combat's ... it's just painfully boring and totally unnoticeable background passive damage. Basically, "You do X% more autoattacks". Sigh.

    I actually really like the "extra damage as Bleed effect" idea, though. That sounds fun.

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    I agree that the mastery needs augmentation. I may be behind (though, I don't remember it having been changed), but the fact that it even has an internal cool-down... it just makes it even more lackluster. So it COULD be better, but they have specifically made it even more bland and boring... cause you know... keep that burst in check. So it can proc easily.. but not as often as it would... so the proc chance is even misnomerous.

    Bleeds on crit doesn't sound that great to me... it's just an over time version of what we already have. Possibly if it added bleed on special use instead of crit so that you'd always be applying bleeds and it wouldn't have a multiplicative growth factor with crit (cause we don't really need to deal with the scaling issues we used to have).

    I'm more with the ArP on specials, but with them having stripped the world of ArP anyhow... I'm unsure how well that'd go over. But if it's just for one spec and just for their mastery, maybe that'd work... But then we'd get the same issues as we had before where you could (potentially) reach a point where you wanted to REMOVE mastery because it had reached a very hard cap and provided no benefit.

    Perhaps a chance on special to trigger a colossus smash type effect? Similar to the old set bonus.

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