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    [H] UC Elevator Victims, Ragnaros-EU. 10man progression raiding

    Raids are on Wednesday, Tuesday and Sunday. Monday is back-up.
    Raid starts at 19:30 and ends at 23:00.
    Loot is distributed in the way it best benefits the guild. This does NOT mean only certain people get loot.
    Website: http://uc-elevator-victims.wowstead.com/
    Link to guild armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/ra...tor%20Victims/
    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ElevatorVictims/featured

    UC Elevator Victims had been together since the start of cata with most people coming from the vanilla play period. The GM left and forced us to merge to continue raiding in cata, when mop was released we all joined a different guild for 25 man which fell apart rapidly due to guild issues so we found our way back home again.

    We currently are 2/6HC MGV and 4/6 HOF. We have a group of very skilled players and will strive to be a top 10 man on the server.

    ***Currently in need of Ranged DPS***
    ***Need 1 Ranged /w Healer Offspec***

    We raid 3/4 days a week:-
    Weds - 1930-2300
    Thurs - 1930 - 2300
    Sun - 1930-2300
    Mon = progress day/backup day (1930 - 2300)

    ***Currently in need of Ranged DPS***
    Apply at http://uc-elevator-victims.wowstead.com/
    OR /w Jackiepanda, Morish or Cindarr ingame for more info
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