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    have hunters been nerfed, or am i doing something wrong?

    i got full pvp gear, 4 ilvl 483, the ilvl 470 gun, and rest dreadfull. fully gemmed agillity/pvp power/crit

    im only at 1750 rating. not much, playing with a resto shaman.

    well, we've met a mage/resto druid team a few times now, and simply can't do anything.

    the druid never runs oom, even after 20 min fight.

    popping all my cooldowns while mages iceblock is on cd, and druid is fully hexed/frozen, i can't get the mage under 120k hp.

    on the other hand, he can deepfreeze me *WHILE IM IN DETERENCE* and shoot me down in 4 hits popping all his cd's, and my healer being sheeped/cycloned

    how can he posibly deepfreeze me while i'm in deterence? i see him pop his cd's, my healer is cc'ed, so i deterence, gets deepfreezed, and dies.

    and people complains about hunters burst. with full pvp gear, stampede, lynx rush, beastrial wrath, trinket, rapid fire, i can't get a mage from 340k to less than 120k. just seems a bit weird, i duno what i was doing wrong in that fight. but trying to make them go oom is imposible. mage at full 100% of fight, druid shifting between 250k mana and 300k.

    our scatter trap /hex combination is fine, just can't see what we are doing wrong.

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    Well they did Hotfix stampede so does less damage thanit did, but now does the correct damage. Other than that just sounds like the druid on the other team is geared or is just OP class lol.

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    Have you tried to CC the Druid and burn down the Mage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockzilla View Post
    Have you tried to CC the Druid and burn down the Mage?
    have you tryed to read the post?

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    Deepfreeze goes through deterence for some reason
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryntrollian View Post
    Deepfreeze goes through deterence for some reason
    yes, and not just that. because i was frozen while deterence was on, it was completely wasted because i couldn't deflect his attacks.

    i guess hunters is only designed for double dps then :/ because can't burst anything down in 2v2 if the enemy have a decent healer, and even with the druid cc'ed, all my cd's couldn't kill him.

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