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    Permanently changing biomes?

    Hey there folks. I've been considering going back to working on an adventure map that's been in construction for a long time. Getting to the point however, i've had to put a weather block on (worldguard) because after many numerous updates, the biome pattern appears to have shifted and caused snow in unwanted areas. So i don't suppose any of you know if there's an easy to use (ish) mod that i can use to change the biomes all to rainy ones permanently?
    I sorta miss the rain! Cheers.

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    You could try http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/biomed/ for bukkit, I don't know for certain but I assume that you can still safely transfer saves between SMP and SSP. If you havn't done it before getting bukkit running is easy as pie, little more to it than a normal server.

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    Cheers buddy, i do actually have a bukkit server so ill give it a try now all my mods have updated. Thanks again.

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    Changing right now, buddy

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    The only thing I can think of is using command blocks.

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    A short time ago we used a tool worldpainter to fix our old server chunks by basicly manually painting biodome over the minimap the tool shows.
    It worked really well for us.

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    I don't believe there is any way to change the biomes of the specific map, however, you can use MCEdit to cut / paste your adventure map to a different biome.

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    It should be possible to change it with editor, thanks to Anvil file format.

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    Yes as I said before look for worldpainter, you can do it with that tool.

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