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    The problem with CRZ is that it provides a large number of low level toons in quest hubs that its worth while for high level griefers to camp. Before CRZ no high level would stay in Marshal's Refuge Ung'oro just in case a lost lowbie will show up. Now there probably are 10-20 low lvl chars of the opposite faction. I dont mind the quest competition or world pvp when engaged by similar level chars, but when a high lvl just comes and stomps you .. that is unpleasant.

    Yesterday I got to Area 52 with my lvl 67 shadow priest .. there were 3 lvl 90 alliance killing everyone. Instead of getting the quests I just did 3 dungeons and I'm 68 ready for wotlk and whatever awaits there. So basically instead of making people get back to the world, you are encouraged to spam dungeons.

    But I doubt they will remove CRZ, because it's a solution for them to use less hardware to host all zones on every server even though there is no one there. Before you had 50 Silithus areas on 50 servers for maybe 30 people you can have just one. Maybe downscaling people to the level of the zone as done in GW2 would solve some issues. Then at least 2-3 lowbies can kill a downscaled
    lvl 90.

    In the end its just a necessary evil on your way to level 90. You just got to suck it up and do it.

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    So, Blizzard remove every Groupquest in the Game, playing in GROUP is SLOWER the playing ALONE at this time.

    So why CRZ?
    Because it is cheap for Blizzard. Do they care about player? NO!
    All they want is save money.

    And the ONLY type of player that likes CRZ ist the griefer and ganker.
    Thats the truth.

    And to the ppl who say "lol thats like Classic and u want that"

    Hell no its NOT LIKE CLASSIC

    In CLassic you got a name on your server.
    Do something bad and your reputaion was gone. No raids no grups for you. Just delete your toon.

    No everbody can behave like a total ASSHOLE without the fear.

    So it's not like CLASSIC, where leveling as a group was btw faster then alone. Now it's not.
    So dont say that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Good to see they are not bowing to player pressure to remove CRZ.
    Indeed, so now our server is full of strangers, but it's still dead and we can recruit none of the people we meet while leveling to our guild. So we have been forced by a dead server to drop 25 man half way through cataclysm to 10 man. And now there is still no solution.

    Blizzard are a bunch os *ssh*ts for not merging low population servers. They rather spend shitloads of development time and money on a feature that only solves a small part of the problems and actually increases the other problems. (dead server getting deader ... "I'm leaving the server for a fuller one, so I can do 25 man raids. But hey guys, I can still group with you and do instances and old raids" .... In other words they removed a barrier from people abandoning their server, leaving those that for some reason can't afford to transfer with an even worse server)

    Harden the f*ck up Blizzard and just close and merge some servers already.

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    How does more people in the zone enhance MY levelling experience? If anything, it's disrupting my levelling experience, as I have to wait for mobs to spawn etc..
    CRZ was made for people whinig and QQing about WPvP was dead.. Fine, but then only enable it on PvP servers, and let the rest of us go free....

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    I think this was a good idea, it works in other games just not in wow. I liked my server before CRZ 'cuz I knew how the other faction was thinking for pvp and most low lvls just wanted to lvl. I also looked forward to getting my rare spawns since I usually get them next expansion since it's easyer to farm for... the CRZ just makes me angry and I know no one that likes it.

    If Blizz want to continue having it here is some things wich would make people more happy abt it: get the spawn rate of materials (flowers and mines) and some rare spawns and mobs up and/or make the CRZ only for cross realm lvling in groups with the real ID or gamertag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Editos View Post
    Because getting ganked over and over again would improve my leveling experience yeah..
    i feel like forced to leveling trought dungeons from 15 to 85
    Normal realms are there for a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meheez View Post
    Normal realms are there for a reason.
    Ofcourse. I've been playing on a PvP Realm since I've started playing World of Warcraft. The Cross-Realm Zones feature has been implemented to enhance leveling experience, which is - to be honest - totally bullshit, all I can see is level 90 characters everywhere, ganking low level toons.

    First of all, if they really want to improve the leveling experience, why don't they just share the zones with characters from other realms between the zone's advised level +- 2 levels for example.

    Secondly, some idiot kills me and I get there with my level 90 character. Even if I find him, most of the time they know how to abuse the system and when they get low on hp, they just disappear - in the middle of the zone, I was like "Huh...?".

    This feature really needs to be revised, I have never ever been camped by high level noobs so many times like now. And no this is not PvP, even a 1 year old could kill a low level player with a level 90 character...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Good to see they are not bowing to player pressure to remove CRZ.
    Yes, it's absolutely sensible for a company whose goal is to make money to not listen to its customer base. I really hope they drop something like 2 million subs the quarter after MoP release.

    As for the people who like CRZ, I frankly think you're trolling. I know *NO ONE* who likes CRZ. I know a few who appreciate the ability to group up with people across realms and quest, but the whole picture of CRZ, not so much.

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    They still didn't address the problem with low level crafting nodes for herbalism and mining. They're basically making a bunch of servers share one set of nodes, and it's royally jacking the prices up on everything, and making it a huge pain for people to even farm themselves because of it.

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    The only thing I want changed in CRZ is that you phase in with other players of the same level. Or at least phase it to te zone lvl requirements (Westfall 10-15 etc).
    That way there won't be any Lv90's grieving lower levels and there will be at least a chance for a fair fight when you encounter someone from the opposite faction of the same level.

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    CRZ is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to this game. That's including Arena & Dragon Soul.

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    "Despite a few lingering technical issues, we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content. The process for tuning CRZ is of course one that’s ongoing, and we’re committed to continuing to work on it and iron out any remaining issues as quickly as possible."


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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtside View Post
    Yes, yes it did. I just went and found several mobs in 1-60 and Cataclysm (80-85) level zones that have the "!" multi-tag thing. I found an article from January 2011 talking about multi-tagging, but the forums won't let me post it as a hyperlink yet:

    It might not have been in at Cataclysm launch, but it was definitely introduced during the Cataclysm era.

    They added it to a few group quest mobs, not anywhere near the extent of group quest mobs in MoP. And a blog post is not an official article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freia View Post
    No it didn't.
    Yes it did, tho only on TB quest mobs and not fromthje launch.

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    still not seeing the added value

    This confuses me. You're playing an MMO. Perhaps single player games are more your style..?

    I mean there must be SOME reason you play an MMO, it can't just be, "so I have an audience to show off my mounts and gear to" is it? It seems like that is literally the only use people have for other players these days. "Help me get my gear and achievements, and then worship me as a god as I sit on your mailboxes and bask you in my radiance."

    False. Grouping cross-realm to quest together was not an option pre-CRZ, even with realID. You could only run instanced activities. Now you can group with people even without realID, outside of instances.[/QUOTE]

    I play an MMO to play with people i know in groups not hordes of people running amok. and there is very little benefit to group questing. unless you call having to kill 2-5 times as many mobs for the drops you all need "Fun". but to each their own. I guess the Real ID / Battletag grouping was only for instances prior to MoP and I was incorrect in that information and thank you for informing me.

    I'm still not seeing a positive benefit/detriment ratio

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfieone View Post
    Please don't. I like seeing other players while leveling.
    Invite your friends to level with you? I assume you have some


    I am one of the ones who bug reports being dismounted at zone changes because I do level my low ones with a friend and of course now I have many 2 person mounts to chose from. They cannot manage to solve this - they are showing they are amateurs it seems, or just translate it as cba. 2 subscriptions gone now, the 3rd will be stopped next august when it is finished and i will not play in this mess they have created. 6 years playing happily and they do this for the bed wetters who cannot live without ganking low levels - I do not play on PvP servers but they are the whiners who wanted this. Almost temped to find a high population Alliance PvP server just to move a 90 there to kill horde so the whiners who wanted world pvp get as much as they can manage
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    I am on a PvE server and I don't mine/herb on any of my characters but so far CRZ hasn't been a problem. I honestly don't see what the issue is as all. Maybe if i was on a pvp server or made gold from farming it would effect me.. but so far its been a non issue, which is suprising because so many people seem so upset over it

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    I have yet to hear a single compelling argument against CRZ that doesn't have to do with bugs or self-centered whining without an adequate dose of logic.

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    just leveled a monk to 85 yesterday, haven't seen a single player from 1 to 85 (outside wandering isle where there were 3 other pandas).
    CRZ hate is overeaction.

    And protip for the one on a PVP server who hate pvp (WTF ???) you can be invited on a PVE server to level without fear. Thank to CRZ.

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    "PvPers" who don't like being killed are the ones complaining. You are on the wrong server

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