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    How to control Doomguard?

    How can I desummon Doomguard or Infernal? Righ clicking their frame has no option to dismiss them. I play on PvP server and I rarely happen to use Doomguard to help myself when I pull to much mobs and if a random opposite faction player happens to be near, but not attacking me at all, Doomguard starts attacking that person even though Im not in combat with this player and do not want to Pvp at this moment. I wish I could make it stop or dismiss it somehow and not just wait till it expires on it's own.
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    Ask it politely to stop?

    Seriously there is no controlling the damn thing. In PvE it will most of the time just stand there doing nothing if you target switch and the original target dies. It's almost funny that in your case it actively seeks out a new target when that's exactly what we want in PvE and don't see all the time.

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    Heh, then I suppose I have to live with it
    I was hoping for perhaps some tricky script based macro that would plain force dismiss guardian, but I guess that's not possible.

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    There's really no way of controlling it because you can't issue it any commands and it doesn't follow curse of doom around since all that has been remodelled.

    A possible solution would be to send it back to the follow a DoT model and make it only attack targets with corruption/immolate on. Not sure if this is something Blizzard would consider as guardian AI has always been something that has posed problems in the past.

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    Doesn't it attack whoever you have Immolate/Corruption on?

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    Currently it starts off by supposedly attacking your target when you summon, then searching out other targets. Not quite sure on how it picks these targets though.
    I'm fairly certain it still doesn't cope well with it's target despawning or not being hostile anymore.

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    I had issues with this as early as yesterday, on the first boss in Mogu'shan Palace. Popped it on the first boss and once that guy went away, it just stood there staring into nothingness until it despawned.

    Doomguard seems to act like a dot now. You apply it to a target, and once that target dies the dot is no more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetz View Post
    Doomguard seems to act like a dot now. You apply it to a target, and once that target dies the dot is no more.
    I had that problem before, but lately (hotfix?) it seem to be smarter and it will change targets once his is dead. Mogushan palace is exception because your target never dies, it turns friendly, Doomguard of a very little brain can't cope with that.

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