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    well if it's coming up the stairs, I couldn't bravely battle it off with our prop sword downstairs (I doubt it would do much, but go out in a blaze of glory)

    so I'm completely unarmed, run like hell and shut the door, should slow it down enough to put a few tasty looking children in between me and it.

    I am not a courageous man. >.<

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    Hmm, i think i would put on my helmet (and turn my gopro camera on) and start recording the battle to come. got a nice Katana ready^^
    I think i would have a good chance since i think of my self as calm and capable in a life or death situation.

    If i survive the clip is going up on youtube^^
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    Tactically operate some bullets into its face.
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    Ill sick my chihuahua on it!

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    I'd put a big ass mirror at the top of the stairs and laugh as it runs away in total..............disgust of itself.

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    Toss it some bacon, bitches love bacon. Now that I've given it bacon, we're friends.

    If that fails, semi-auto 12g.
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    Aside from the middle of the night having no affect on me (so that part means nothing), I have no stairs, I also have swords and knives (sharp too), so as I'd have the higher ground, it should be simple enough to dispatch. It also seems to be dragging itself along (where's it's back legs? :P) so seems quite slow.

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    I'd tell them the gloves gave them away.

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    Hopefully, it would just bite me and not actually kill me.

    I've always thought it would be cool to be a werewolf.

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    I'd pull out a knife, and hope I get lucky. I doubt the Leatherman I keep on me at all times would help much, though.

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    Well I have a real katana, I'd like to see how it works on living things.

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    I'd throw my cats at it. They're very violent.
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    I don't have stairs. That said. I have this nice computer screen here I can use to punch said creature with until it's dead or at least incapacitated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splenda View Post
    I'd throw my cats at it. They're very violent.
    I'm sorry for the wolf thing already. Why are you so mean? Poor wolf, he just wanted to eat you and you throw your violent cats at it!

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    ''Oh my God..... why are my stairs so dirty?''

    ''Also, nice human hands you have there for a wolf :P''

    If that wolf had human hands, its clearly a joke from someone. If it turned out to be a real wolf... I'd try to lock the door, wake up my family and get the f*ck out of the house

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    Bring a knife to a claw fight, jump on the hands of the wolf

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    Turn into a Super Saiyan and kamehameha the crap out of it?

    Except for that, I'd probably try to take it on. If it has just slightly more power than a wolf and considering it would be a wolf, not a werewolf with hands, just grab it's head and don't let it slip out of your grip. Should be relatively easy-ish... Not like a wolf is strong or something, not like a bear, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splenda View Post
    I'd throw my cats at it. They're very violent.
    Oh, we should totally "pet battle" our cats then.

    If by any chance he is able to best my cats... Nah, actually I am pretty sure he can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Something along the lines of this.
    i were just thinking of that
    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful"

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    I get out my real wakizashi and combat knife. I throw the combat knife at it then go in full force two handed. Specifically, I'd use a reverse handed thrust where I shove with my right hand and hold the sword at the base of the hilt with my left, always making sure to keep my blade between my body and the beast, so that if it pounces it skewers itself.
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    Yell at him to stop barking and get his ass back out on the porch.
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