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    Question [Holy] Elegon Healing / General Eternal Flame Questions

    Hi guys this question revolves around Elegon healing and the Eternal Flame Talent.

    So ive been trying my best to get ranked on elegon on logs, and i just cant seem to do it.

    however, most of the paladins in the top 100 seem to have Eternal Flame as their first healing, some with Eternal Flame doing almost 40% of their overall healing!!! mine only shows up to do like 8-10% healing on a regular kill.

    this made me think they just eternal flame blanket the raid, and let it do its job, but surely this would just be a mana burn or a waste of holy power incase the tank needs big heals??

    it could be me just thinking about it completely wrong.

    if anybody knows anything about it and can give me some advice, it will be REAAAALLY helpful to me and our guild.


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    Use HA to stack a full raid with Eternal Flame just before a big burst of AoE, combined with Light's Hammer and rolling your face on any spell you really want at that point, you'll probably full heal the raid, or at least the people you're rolling EF on

    Main point to look for though is make sure your raid is stacked as much as humanly possible to get the absolute most out of every AoE you're using and if thats the case tank healing should be a non-issue as everything will be transferring to the tank at a ridiculous rate with beacon

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    Ranking WoL as a healer is all about having your other healers heal as less as they can. Those top 100 healers probably ran the fight with a smaller amount of healers, or had dps discs, or stacked mana tides, etc. so they can be that high. I don't really know paladin healers, but there might be something others healers can do (or not do) that will maximize your EF healing.

    Maybe it's not that bad this early in the patch, but more and more, top ranked ppl on logs will use cheesy tactics to get up there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarasun View Post
    Ranking WoL as a healer is all about having your other healers heal as less as they can.
    This, a lot. It depends a lot on who your healing partner is. No matter what I do, I can't get ranked on any fight because our other healer is a Mistweaver monk who is very good. I bust my ass to stay with him and we come out pretty even on every fight. And yet there are times he ranks and I don't, even when we're pretty close, because I don't carry the raid like many ranked healers do.

    How close?


    (yeah I know we're not into heroics, sorry if I'm not elite enough to post logs)

    Considering how stupidly good monks are right now, I think I should be happy I can keep up with him.
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    Yeah I never really ever rank since me and our other two big healers are pretty synergized. We balance the others weaknesses and it makes bosses fall over.
    Ranking can come later if we want to have a fun and it even looks like we could probably cheese it (for my druid pal who likes ranking not me) by making the dpsers heal some off hand and let him have a party.

    But that comes after progression.

    Anyway yeah Eternal Flame should be doing roughly 20% of healing during the maniac phases. But for Elegon when healing with a druid who's already running around hotting like he's distributing free sweets I found the LoD/DP procc and Sacred shield more beneficial.

    But okay if you wanna rank tell your other healers to cool it and research the most efficient way to stack Eternal Flame onto your raid continuously. Holy Avenger and Divine purpose can both help you out in this regard but I think if you wanna reach some maniac numbers rather than stable ones Holy Avenger is going to be your friend. Just time it well. I'm also of the opinion Lights Hammer is the biggest boon to healing but others will say Prism. Depends on your composition. Also ALL of the Mastery. All of it. Breathe it. Possibly Gem it if you have others in your raid to keep your mana up. Agressive Cooldowning. Use that Guardian twice. Call for raiders to tell you when banners and lust is going to go off and time it to perfection and ranking glory shall be yours.
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    A little bit of info:

    Eternal Flame will transfer through beacon
    Eternal Flame will proc our mastery
    Eternal Flame through beacon will proc our mastery
    Eternal Flame is stupid

    If you want to pull a high rank parse you basically need to just roll EF on both tanks and EF anyone else not at 100% health. You will produce moderate tank healing with this while being able to produce pretty high raid healing. If you are doing it correctly EF makes up ~60% of our healing(30% from EF 20% from beacon from EF and 10% from mastery). Holy shock and DL/HR will likely make up the rest of your healing.

    If you are raiding 25mans, beating out monks is very unlikely but not impossible.

    Tried to link our logs but I cant post on a new account.

    TlR - Roll EF on tanks, HS on cd, HR/DL as filler to gain combo points for more EF. 3hp EF being rolled on others if tanks are topped off and all tanks have EF.

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    They're all wearing the PvP 4 piece bonus that refunds 1 HoPo after casting a 3 HoPo WoG/EF. This means a HR+HS will allow a 3 HoPo EF to be cast. This plus what the other posters mentioned above.

    Healing meters are pretty useless anyways.

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