Hi everyone,

As you can see I am a new MMO-Champion poster please don't flame me, if my thread sucks avoid it lol

My question to you, is what have been, in your opinion the best and worst patches in the history of wow ?

If it's because your main was really op, tier was really fun, pvp balance was really good or dailies set was actually pleasant to do, anything really I'd just like to hear some stories.

If you can name one for each xpac you played and why that would be awsome.


Vanilla : I did not played wow at this time.

TBC : S3 was really cool, also I think it was 2.4 , Isles of Quel'Danas was plain awsome for pvp (I played and rogue and I did not touch any PvE content)

Woltk : First patch with Naxx and S5 was plain mess, pvp was shit. I think the rest of the xpac except ToC was really neat.

Cata : Shitty xpac, best patch was FL with AoH dailies.

MoP : 5.1 looks pretty promising imo.

If you want to share you experiences when we were introduced new content, i'd be glad to read you.

Thank you !

I am french, sorry for the spelling mistakes I did my best -_-