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    Broken cd but have the cd key

    so i cant install halo CE because the cd key is broken but if i just download the game and use my cd key would that work fine or would it not let me play on legit servers?

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    No that would be fine.
    Just make sure its the original game files, and not some cracked version.
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    yea im guessing that might be hard considering they are all probably cracked copies that was kinda my question. you cant download the game legit only from pirate bay and sites like that

    yea they are all just cracked versions
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    I dont see what the problem is, you can just not install the crack...unless cracked games are different from back in the day its jus a separate exe file you overwrite the original with.

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    You can always ask the store you bought it from, a friend who has it or even send a letter / mail to the company. Someone should be able to help you if you can't find a legit version on the internet.

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