View Poll Results: Whos your favorite horror movie killer?

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  • The Creeper

    2 7.14%
  • Chucky

    2 7.14%
  • Freddy Kruger

    7 25.00%
  • Jason Voorhees

    7 25.00%
  • Leatherface

    4 14.29%
  • Michael Myers

    6 21.43%
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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    Oh hey, where are you getting your kill counts from? Did you go back and watch each movie or is there a database you used?
    I went to several sites because some were outdated and didn't include newer flicks like Rob Zombies Halloween remakes. Also some only counted on screed deaths ignoring ones spoken of but not seen. Example Jason Goes to Hell there were 5 off screen "Jason style" deaths that were reported on a TV news report that many forgot sites forgot to list. I searched quite a while to get the most accurate count possible.

    Jason was by far the worse to tally. Numerous off screen kills that go uncounted by most even when bodies are seen later on then we have missing people that some forget.
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