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    Trash loot table HoF/MV/ToeS?

    Hey everyone,

    I see many people going for "trash loot farm runs" but I can't seem to find any loot table for trash loot at all in the new raid dungeons and never saw any "item" drop, only saw recipes.

    Does anyone have a loot table for trash monsters in the new raids or is there no such thing yet? As I have looked in the internets and searching engines but can't seem to find any good.

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    I dont think trash dropped loot on beta, hence why there is none. However I have seen epics drop from trash (A healer trinket) from MSV.

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    So far our guild has only seen 1 trinket drop, DPS/Str, and a bunch of crafting plans.

    I'm sure more will pop up as more clear those raids and farm the content to prepare for the newer raids.

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    496 BoP gear drops from HoF trash. My group just got a 496 Agility Leather belt on Tuesday from trash before the first boss.

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