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    Don't get the complaints at why the movie is bad. It isn't the greatest cinema adventure ever created, but by no standard is it bad.
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    Yes i do.. I cry to Lion King aswell..

    When Mufasa dies

    Spoiled if someone has not seen LK (LOL)

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    To this day I still cry to it. A lot has to do with 'My Heart Will Go On' being a song from my childhood that brings up heavy emotions. But the movie and characters themselves do bring a bit out of me, too.

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    I did the first time I watched it (actually, I only shed two or three tears) , but it became boring after some rewatches.

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    Theirs nothing to cry in that movie.
    And don't know why this thread is running

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    I remember watching it in the theater (original run) and when Rose discovers Jack dies, the theater was dead silent/tense and I was FIGHTING back tears! Then that blasted song would get played every 5 mins on the radio: tears would well up.

    The last time I watched it, they were airing it on tv and yep, when Rose started crying because Jack died, I was balling like a damn baby. I think I'll always cry at that part.

    Schindler's List is another one. Don't ge me started.

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    only out of complete and utter boredom of having to sit through over 3 hours know that in the end the ship sinks. Just once. I wish they would give an alternative ending where the ship doesn't sink, and everyone is saved by anal probing aliens.
    M. Night Shyamalan? Is that you?

    but yes, I'm a man who actually loves Titanic.

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