Thread: Allods vs DCUO

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    Allods vs DCUO


    I am thinking of picking up a new game to waste all my time awake on

    Which one of Allods and DC Universe Online would you guys reccomend?
    What are the pros and cons of each game?


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    DCUO is the much better game. It's far more polished, a bit less grindy and far more playable- less bugs, tight controls, etc.

    Allods is okay. But it's pretty cash shop dominant and very grindy. Also there is a lot of lag, server instability-- overall a less polished setup.

    If you want something more action orientated DCUO is the one to go with here. If you want something more like World of Warcraft, Allods.

    Both are decent enough.

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    Game vs. game threads aren't allowed. Maybe watch some videos and read some articles/blogs to help you decide.

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