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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post
    Another, "tbc was great current expansion is shit" topic, really? People still make those? I'm amazed
    Another, "If you hate current state of wow, you must be stupid" kind of reply. Really? People still make those?
    After 8 years of wow, I thought people by now would receive Blizzard content with a bit more constructive criticism and higher quality standards. I'm amazed.

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    If certain people played less, I think the some of these problems would solve themselves without Blizzard lifting a finger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelreth View Post
    Go play on a BC private server.

    Also get off my damn lawn.

    For the topic?

    1. Keep things the way they are
    2. Get rid of old players with rose colored glasses. Wow will never be new and fresh again. Its gone. Get over it.
    I don't think OP's post was rose colored glasses, (and about that: I tried playing on a private server once, I was all like "this is super cool!",picked spec, trained spells....and then I realized I couldn't be arsed to play it). A lot of stuff got better, but class homogenization is a real issue. We know the reason beyond that is to help people play in groups no matter your class ("bring the player not the class" they repeated countless times), however I can't help thinking how this is getting worst with every expansion, in particular with the fact they liked rogues resource system so much (in cata paladins got changed towards it, in MoP warlocks...)
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    Well I do have a penis attached to me as well but I dont know 'a lot' about it, I dont even know how it tastes. Maybe you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycoris View Post
    Everyone who does not miss Vanilla has no heart. Whoever wishes it back has no brain.

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    1- I want Epicness back
    2- Stop doing things for dummies.

    1st Srry for my English (not native English speaker).

    I feel like you Grogo, unfortunately wow is pretty much dead, Mop did not convinced me. Its very commercial pac for Oriental customers. Expected to be this way with the blizzard market expansion. I've been playing wow for last 6 six years, and i barely can play this game 2 hours a week. I used to play 6 hours a day. Epicness doesn't exist. Its a "grinding forever" game now. If would be possible to play other expansions separately, we could see witch aspects people really want or love in the game. I would play classic and BC, very happy . I have many memories from classic and BC that never will come back. It was rare to see people with tier 2 and 3 and our eyes sparkled when you saw someone wearing such gears, or rare weapons. People felt proud of their deeds. You had epic fights and places, like BWL, even instances , like UBRS (eggs room), who don't remember how hard was run Baron 45 min, or fun was the druid epic flight form quest chain. Many Many memories , very sad see that such feelings doesn't exist on actual game. Nowadays, everyone have all gears, all mounts, all quests are for dummies, instances are pathetic , bosses fights are "stand in fire and tank spank". Plus this Mr Miyagi (Karate Kid) Lore not really seduces me. well, its IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelreth View Post
    Go play on a BC private server.

    Also get off my damn lawn.

    For the topic?

    1. Keep things the way they are
    2. Get rid of old players with rose colored glasses. Wow will never be new and fresh again. Its gone. Get over it.
    As stupid as one can possibly get, it's got nothing to do with rose-tinted glasses or wanting that very first moment of wow-feeling when you discovered how everything worked and it elevated you to another level in the game.

    A reboot for me would mean que-systems gone!

    As much as a "quality" of life they are for some, they have had a devastating impact on the entire game.., and I'm not just talking about overwhelming facrrdrooling leveling, dungeons etc, but the impact have extended to a wast majority of players who think they're gods, but when it's broken down they have 0 clue how to max they're character, not to mention they truly stink in any raid environment.., even if it's classes at lvl 70 while they're rocking a lvl 90 character.
    (Not even starting on the social destruction they've caused as it would turn a light-read post into a wall-o-text)

    The obvious place to get that "insight" if you will is the loss of 25man guilds who have an insanely hard time finding solid performing players.., there's a metric ton of average joe's around, but place them in a dps check with mechanics to pay attention to and they flunk B I G.

    So ye, comment like the one above about rose-tinted can be packed up where the sun never shines, because it illustrates a level of incompetence that's flourishing in the game due to the que-systems!

    All that being said, I really really hope blizzard will keep the level they've set with MoP to weed out even more droolers who just want everything for minimal effort..!
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    Personally, while I don't agree with every change that's been made, I think WoW is fine the way it is. About the only change I'd like to see is a greater method of customization. Right now there isn't a lot and I'd like to see something implemented to vary character builds a bit more.

    On a side note I don't understand this visceral hatred of people who want to see the endgame content that aren't "elite" raiders. I mean seriously if your self worth is based on how well you play an MMO then you need to rethink your priorities.

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    One raid size - 20 man.
    Three more talents - One every fifteen levels seems just a bit too few.

    I'd also try and do something about the ridiculous inflation that has gone on in wow. Levelling a new character for the first time it is almost impossible to buy any greens from the AH, since people have bumped up the prices, possibly due to transmogs. It's quite sad that things have got so far out of hand.
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    I want it back as a RTS game where we actually get satisfying endings for both factions like they did for WC2

    As for a reboot not sure if that is necessary except for a massive graphical overhaul cause the game looks like something you would see on a ps2 game

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    No I don't want a reboot of WoW. The game is currently better than it was in the past.
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    priority kalgan. i guarantee that will fix everything.

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    Not really a reboot, but I'd love a WoW2 that was completely set in a different time. Thousands of years in the past or the future.

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    NO! One of the greatest things WoW has to offer is it's evolution and history. A reboot scraps all of that.

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    I thoroughly enjoy th game now but pvp and pve should be seperate.

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    snazzy new grapic rehaul. including character models. and then go no subscription fee. that would be lovely..

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    I think wow should just finish its story and just call it a day instead of having a wow 2.

    Stop looking at the past and think its the best ever. TBC wasn't good. It was awful compared to wrath and following expansions.

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