Thread: HoF Zone drops?

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    HoF Zone drops?

    Hey was curious if anyone has seen patterns or zone drops similar to MSV in HoF? Hoping MSV isn't the only option for the patterns

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    Seems to be mostly the same loot, we had the intellect trinket with on-use crit drop for us at the trash between first and second boss, that along with two patterns (MoV ones)
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    Had a couple leather bracers drop...ilvl 496 agi or int. Or both ? Didn't pay too much attention since they were not plate.
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    Saw some world boe drops a F-ton of greens and so, so many meta gem patterns. Like an insane amount of meta gem patterns.
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    My guild tonight got plans for a plate tank chest piece.

    Edit - and a few meta gem cuts

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    got non spirit int mail bracers crit/mastery from 2nd boss trash last night *496*

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    We got last night and some patterns (we got patterns in MV as well).

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