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    Help my raid group's shadow priest

    My raid group has had very little luck across the board on the Stone Guard. There are plenty of issues of concern, one of which is our shadow priest. Despite having a "high" ilvl of 470+, I'm seeing DPS numbers consistantly under 40k.

    Our most recent failshow is found here.

    Mostly, I am concerned about the priest's rotation. Gear and general strategy ("get out of the amethyst pools!") are more direct to fix, but I don't know shadow priest DPS rotation at all. Can any of you more successful shadow priest raiders take a look and see what's going wrong? ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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    DoT uptimes look low, Mind Blast doesn't seem to be used on CD, Halo isn't being used to it's max potential. Looks like they're struggling to keep track of dots and cooldowns (mind blast).

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    Take a look at this thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...st-in-my-guild a lot of similar problems

    Missing enchants on Shoulders, bracers and a belt buckle.

    Dot up time is LOW Vampiric touch up time at 50% is really really bad should be at least 90%+ (and that's low still)

    Wrong tier 3 talent, should have FDCL not mind bender

    Way over hit cap.

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    Everyone dps is pretty low to be quite honest.

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    Same as Above

    *Vampire touch and SW:P up time should be 90% or more. Sw:P up time is 80% and Vampiric touch is only around 50%. (Thats awful)
    *Used Mind-blast 19 times, in a 4:20 minute fight you should have used it around 32 times give or take a couple.
    *More mind-blasts mean more shadow orbs which means more Devouring plague uptime= more dps
    * No belt buckle or bracer Enchants
    * Using straight intel gems probably isn't optimal either Using hybrid int/haste gems would be "better" more then likely in red/orange slots
    *Mind flay up time also seems a little low as mine is typically around 40% or so. Of course this will vary depending on how much movement, but eh yeah still low!
    *She seems to be casting Prayer of mending quiet a bit which knocks her out of shadow form, which is another global lost in addition to even using prayer of mending- Its shes even going to be doing that she should be running the glyph which she inst ATM.

    Thats all i can see for now, if shes having that many problems with just the rotation and spell usage her planning of when to move probably isnt great either which of course hurts her dps even more.
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    Thanks for the help so far. Yes, there are gear and enchant issues as well, and he will be made aware of those as well as offered more specific suggestions on how to fix them. It was the playstyle issues I needed the most help on, things like "does not have enough DoT uptime" so thanks for that.

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    Everyone dps is pretty low to be quite honest.
    Like I said, plenty of issues. I was hoping for specific help to resolve them.

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    75% uptime on shadowform is terrible, if she wants to offheal that much she needs to be running the glyph. I'd say tell her to forget trying to offheal and focus on dps. She needs to be a lot more comfortable with her shadow rotation before worrying about things like that.

    Main dps losses are going to be VT uptime and lack of MB (and the attendant lack of DP).

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