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    Question about H Spirit Kings

    Just wanted to get some views from people that have either downed this encounter or are currently working on it. Our group is consistently getting to the final transition only wiping intentionally if it is not Meng or Subetai second. One of our DPS was not able to log on due to power outage thank you Sandy... So we went with a combination of one tank, three healers and six DPS. Most of the videos and kills I have seen were all one tanked, two healed and seven DPS I’m assuming that is because the fight isn’t extremely healing intensive and the faster you isolate a boss the less hectic it becomes. So I guess I’m asking if anyone has either two tanked or three healed the encounter or does having that extra dps really make the transitions less of an issue. I suppose I should let you know one of the biggest issues we have had is maddening shout paired with the shield of darkness and killing everyone how are people dealing with that?

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    No reason to 3 heal and did i read that right only wiping if it isn't meng or subetai second....meng second is terrible and pretty sure not doable . Lastly 2 tanking would be silly you probably will not meet the enrage timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryts View Post
    only wiping intentionally if it is not Meng or Subetai second.
    Unless 10man is much different than 25man, you wipe when meng is 2nd.

    Easiest combo is

    (BL)Hunter -> shadow -> MC
    Shadow -> Hunter (BL) -> MC

    MC second = wipe
    MC third = deal with it or wipe

    If you cant transition from first to shadow/hunter properly, better start learning it. [25man]
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    i feel like they hotfixed the fight where meng doesnt spawn 2nd anymore lol. did an hour of attempts and never got meng 2nd. must of just got really lucky
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    As others have stated, 1 tank and 2 heal it. Wipe unless it's Subetai second.

    As an added tip, you can reset the fight within the first 10s or so. Have your tank run out. The graphic for the wall appears before the actual wall. Our monk made it out very easily with Roll, but any speed boost will work. Saves a lot of time and repair bills.

    I wish blizz would just fix the order. Slot machine boss is no bueno.

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    you should check out my uber sweet guilds guide to doing things.
    Oh? And where might I find these guides?

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