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    Do I need 'Lucid Virtu MVP' drivers?

    Sorry for my other thread, I already know the answers to the questions asked in that other one, but I'm not able to change the title to the question I have now.

    With the ASRock Z77 it comes with 'Lucid Virtu MV'. Do I need this? I've looked around google but I'm still not sure.
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    I have the same feature with my mobo, and they are not installed on my pc. It runs fine without but I would like to know if it could improve the performances too
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    For me lucid mvp causes wow and other games to crash so I havent had it enabled or even installed for about 6months now.

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    You need that to use the onboard graphics automagically selectable with discrete card. Last I heard it's 10-40% performance loss to use it, but on the plus side your discrete graphics card will be turned completely off on windows desktop.
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    Lucid Virtu MVP doesn't give any FPS boosts or puts a turbo on your discrete gpu, it works complety different. That thing is just meant to reduce the input lag which is useless.

    The monitoring part is useless as well, I don't see the point of disabling the IGP through that program because the IGP never interfers with anything.

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    No, it isn't required.

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