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    Would you like to see Auras return in a style similar to Shamans Totems?

    As I said in one of the threads regarding "What would you like to see in 5.1?", as a Ret I can't help but feel that I'm lacking when it comes to raid utility. Shamans retained their totems in the form of cooldowns, some minor and some far more substantial. I'm not going to hide the fact that I liked Auras, particularly the niché aura that Rets had up until Wrath, and even though they tried to do away with the "click and forget" mechanic of Auras, they turned our Seals into the exact same thing, using the exact same bar.

    So I ask you, if we were to have our Auras brought back in forms of cooldowns, how would you design, or even redesign, them?

    Bear in mind that if we were to have all of our auras back, we'd have more raid cooldowns than every other class combined. So, how would you split them up? For me, Devotion Aura is a staple aura for Protection Paladins, just as Retribution and Sanctity Aura were fitting for Retribution. Concentration Aura was perfect for Holy. Try to be reasonable, but be creative. Talents do not necessarily have to have a strict use for PvE or PvP.


    Devotion Aura (Prot): Reduces all Physical Damage taken by party members within 40 yards by (TBD) %. Lasts 6s.

    Retribution Aura (Ret): A %(TBD) of all damage received by party members is dealt back to the target, upto a maximum of 10% of the Players maximum health.
    Sanctity Aura (Ret): A %(TBD) of all damage done by party members is dealt again to the target as Holy Damage. Lasts 10s.

    Concentration Aura (Holy): Grants the party members within 40 yards of the Paladin immunity to spell pushback, interrupt and silence effects. Lasts 3s.

    I've not put Resistance Aura in any of the specs, but Resistance Aura would just by Magical Damage, instead of Physical Damage.
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    If you wanted to go way back to vanilla beta there was Healing Aura, which would probably be functionally similar healing stream/healing tide.

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    I'd love to see some of the Aura Mastery effects come back. I felt like Auras were a very iconic part of the paladin class, and the flavor is sorely missed.

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    I miss Auras

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    I would have liked to AM a Devo Aura on Garalon. Just sayin'.

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    I do kind of miss them. But we do still have Hand spells. 4 CDs that all do something specific. Although, only Protection and Sacrifice are any good this tier. Salvation and Freedom are... lacking. Simply because tanks are doing sooo much dps right now that if they lose threat, they really shouldn't be raiding.

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