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    H/N Lockout Question

    If I want to organize two raids, one being a full 6/6 heroic clear, the other being a full 6/6 normal clear, can I freely swap players between raids? I believe the answer is yes, but would like confirmation.

    As an example, is the following possible for John:
    Heroic Stone Guard in Raid 1
    Normal Feng in Raid 2
    Heroic Gara'jal in Raid 1
    Normal Spirit Kings in Raid 2
    Normal Elegon in Raid 2
    Heroic Will in Raid 1

    Thank you for any help.

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    That would not work, once you pass a boss in one raid, you would be unable to come back into a raid that has yet to clear it. Unless you were running these raids at the exact same time, this will not work. Even then, I believe once you down a boss in heroic, you are locked to that instance only.

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    Yes, assume the raids would be run at the same time. So Raid 1 would kill Heroic Stone Guard, then Raid 2 would kill Normal Stone Guard, then Raid 1 would kill Heroic Feng, and Raid 2 would kill Normal Feng, etc.

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