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    Debuffs on pets

    Any other Warlock, Hunter or Deathknight having problems with seeing debuffs on their pets? I mean, my pet has dots on it, it takes damage, yet there's no dot showing, my pet is feared, yet there's no fear debuff on him, etc... I think you get my point, so... what's the deal? Thanks.

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    My mage alt has loads of problems with the elemental. For example it tries to follow me when mounted on normal running speed, it keeps despawning and yes debuffs aren't shown. Also it seems to me as if pvp defense is currently not affecting pets.

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    For the run speed thing if your in combat while on mount the pet won't get the additional speed so will fall behind and despawn, The other ones however I can't make a comment

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    Spunkii, it even happens out of fight too. I have to dismount and mount up again after the pet has reached me for it to get the speed buff.

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