Dabrix, while reading your post and how you're trying to make out bots as "great" I thought "Wow this guy is botting for certain" and then you actually admit it. In all honesty you deserve to be banned.

Bots in most cases do not really contribute, bots hardly ever tap anything at all. Most of them are merely running on set ways engaging enemy players who "aggro" them running around as one big "ball of death". Bots are the worst zergers out there. Stop trying to make them out to be actually good, they're not. They're easily outplayed, they actively harm the team they're one and they can be tricked with absolutely easy once someone knows they're bots.

You are hurting people who actually want to play the game, you are making up excuses for doing so and yes you deserve to be banned for that. And while Blizzard is extremly slow on actually reacting, many people are eventually caught. I know some guy who talked just like you, because he was botting since early Wotlk. Guess what? He got banned. Just like some other guy in my guild who had about 4 accounts three of which he used for botting purposes lost all three of his bot accounts recently.

The only problem is that it takes way too long for Blizzard to actually react and it needs a hell of a lot of reportings to get someone banned. Far more then it ought to.