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    Rerolling dk


    I got problem i dont really feel that dks are any good or strong. every hunter, mage,warrior, paladin kill me. Its just me that bad or are dks really that bad cuz im thinking to reroll to hunter or shammy what do u thing guys help me.

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    This secret that makes the dks strongerer if you is an engineer you can freeze the person and rocket boost away and mount! This is a secret...please...speak of it to no one!!!

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    I dont really care about running away with dk i want to own people or smth. Not to run away like mage

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    I don't really see a constructive purpose to this thread.

    If you don't feel that DK's are strong enough in PvP, don't play them. Fishing around for subjective opinions will do nothing to change how you feel about the class. If you need more information on how to PvP with a DK, check out arenajunkies or

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