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    Looks pretty good, even though I think it still has the LEDs but I guess if you chose it yourself you're content with them being there
    I think it's mostly the red LED lights I can't stand, they make me feel like I'm in a bad eighties sci-fi movies. And it has a button to turn them off! And I like the two usb 3.0 ports on the front since my mb actually supports them. Which is nice.

    I can't figure out if it has a button to turn the side lights off though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalrint View Post
    Also do sound cards all have universally bad reviews? Good lord. I just need something that will do surround sound, I have no idea what to pick, everything I looked at included a ton of doom reviews.
    The way systems are built these days, if you're not an audiophile, you don't even need an audiocard. Unless you're working the ladders and/or using your computer system as a sound system, just keep the money for other components. HI-DEF is the norm on mid to high end motherboards these days. Days when audio really dragged down the I/O are largely over, too.

    If you're going to put that much money into the system, get the WD Black HDDs (they have the 5 year warranty). The SATA3 OEM 1TB drives can be found under $80. Run 2xRAID-0. Almost doubles the thoroughput.
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    As Kevyne mentioned you only need a dedicated soundcard if you have the audio equipment that can reproduce that fidelity - i.e. a sound card will be wasted on cheap $50 Logitech speakers (or something), but if you have $150-300+ worth of audiophile-grade headphones or speakers/monitors then you will be looking for a dedicated soundcard that can make full use of the potential.

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    Hey guys, would it be worth getting instead of that gigabyte video card? When I compare them it appears to be slightly better, but I'm not exactly in the loop on manufacturers and stuff.

    Ooh I can post links now.

    Also I ask because right now it is 50 dollars cheaper because of a sale.
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    Well yeah. It might be as good or even better. But it will run hotter since its a reference design card. The Windforce cooler on the gigabyte card is quite famous for both great cooling and low noise.

    I would however recommend that you check on a 7970 too. With the new drivers that came out (BETA) it competes with even a gtx680 in most games.
    or even

    edit; Noticed it after I linked it but. 3 free games included in those gpus! woosh! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalrint View Post
    What do you guys think of this case? Corsair Carbide Series 500R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    (I Still can't post links, but that's it's product name on newegg.)
    I have done 2 builds with the Corsair cases they are very roomy and look great can't recomend them enough

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