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    Question Sha of Anger drops

    Hi all, just a quick question about world boss Sha. The drop list found in wowhead is the right one? i mean i want to set up my malevolent items in order to buy last items that sha can drop and according to wowhead Gloves-back-bracers-boots-belt-rings can be dropped from sha, is that correct ?

    P.S I am Retribution Paladin

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    It also drops neck pieces. But other than that you're correct.

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    Yea idd i forgot to mention neck. Ok i suppose i need to buy chest-legs-head (2200 pieces) damn it i thought i could save some time. again thx

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    The dungeon journal ingame also tells you Shift I i think is the command
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    I'll praise myself lucky if I see even one Malevolent drop from Sha before completing my set.

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