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    Cards worth investing in still?

    Ive built up about 50 scrolls between my scribes after using up all of my stock of ink of dreams. I dropped my herbalist profession so I would need to buy herbs or ink in order to make cards. It will cost me about 1400 per card to make so Im looking at investing almost 65k in ink if I want to use up all my scrolls by Sunday. The average price of most cards is ~2k some more some less. Im not sure if its worth investing that much gold that might not prove to be profitable. However, all of my scribes are around 80 so my scrolls are useless for anything other than cards because I cant get spirits for them yet. What do you guys think?

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    A lot probably depends on your server economy, but I'm still finding it profitable to craft the cards. I went and did a bulk craft of about 40 cards today. I just bought the inks right off the AH and the cost was less than 1k per card. On my server the cards are selling for 2-3k each, with the occasional card going a bit higher. I figure at that price the I can value the Scroll of Wisdom at 1-2k each.

    I'd wait until the weekend though. I find herb prices drop quite a bit during the weekend when people have more free time to farm up herbs. Not to mention people will get desperate to finish their decks the day before the fair arrives.

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