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    Darkmoon Relics: When are they the cheapest?

    In general, when do the darkmoon relics tend to be the cheapest?

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    the week of darkmoon fair and the week after it.

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    First few days of darkmoon faire, lots of new trinkets being made and put on ah.

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    i bought the crane deck a few days ago for 25k. i thought that was a reasonable price as i have seen them as high as anything between 40-80k

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    I thought the price would go up when Darkmoon faire begins since then you can actually get the trinkets then.. Atleast now Crane Deck costs 22-25k. Expecting the price to go up atleast 20k when DMF starts on sunday So I'd say now is the time to buy, but don't listen to me.

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    I bought the 8 cards for Serpents Deck for 16K about 10 days ago. That is the best time to buy it I guess, when the Darkmoon fair is "forgotten". And best way to get it cheap is like I did it(unless you can create it yourself). Check and buy the cheapest Deck cards....

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    Usually during/just before/just after the DMF, mostly because that is when most people are making them and they want to sell them. Unless you get a really really good deal, don't buy them as a whole, buy the cards separately and pick up the trinket yourself. You will pay significantly less gold..I can get pretty much any of the four full sets right now for about 10-16k, while most full sets go for about 25+.

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    Okay, complete noob question, but, as a non-scribe, how do you combine the cards? how does it work? I've seen the complete decks but still....
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    You get the 8 cards in your inventory, and right-click one of them.
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    You can buy the cards from AH. Last week-end I bought and made my Tiger Deck for about 15k. Best price, since the deck itself sells now on AH for 30k and the trinket is BiS this tier (MGV,HoF and Terrance). Also on Sunday the trinkets wil hit the AH, the prices I think should be where the last time they went off, at about 60-70k, or even more. People still know how good the trinkets are and if they didn't get it last time they saved money for it this time!

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    I bought crane by mistake for 23k and sold it back at AH for 30k, also if you want to buy deck, build it by yourself from cards.
    Serpent deck was at AH for 35k, combined price of cards 20k, and relic was at AH for something like 60k

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    are you sure they sell the cheapest right before the faire happens? seems they would sell for more and alot faster at that time.
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    Well decks prices will go up once the fair is on. As you can get the trinket. But just do what Mordret said, make the deck yourself, either AH or /trade to get some better deals.

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    i leveled 2 more scribes just for this reason

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