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    T3 Shoulders & T3 Chest (both hunter), payed 21k for both.

    P.S: if there is something for 10k in the auction house it does not mean, that somebody payed that. Its just the minimun start price

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    Maaannn..Some of you guys have been so lucky... ;___; Only interesting thing we've had on ours was a Blue Proto a while ago and some t3. I check pretty often but I haven't bought anything because a) Nothing interesting has shown its face, and b) I am one broke-ass mofo this expac, sadly because I spent all my dough on the heroic mounts... /sigh. And making money in MOP has been like pulling teeth. It's abso-frickin'-lutely HORRIBLE. UGH.

    <Avid Mount/Pet Collector> Recently Earned:~!!!Lucid Nightmare!!!~

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