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    10 Man guilds, how many healers do you use?

    I'm curious as to how many healers most guilds are bringing to each of these fights so far in MoP. Most of the time my guild gets by just fine with 2 healers (Druid/Pally) but some fights were kicking our ass until we had a dps swap spec (First fight in HoF the most obvious example). Currently we are having a tough time getting through the final tornado hallway phase of Blade Lord Ta'yak. I'm reluctant to bring in a 3rd healer because we have no problem healing through phase 1.

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    We use 3 healers for the first pulls of most bosses just to see as much of the fight as possible and to allow for mistakes during progression. We 3 healed both the first boss and the 2nd boss in HoF (actually one shot the second boss while still making tons of mistakes and having a lot dead at the end). If we hit an enrage, or if we know we've seen the whole fight and cannot beat the enrage with 3, we drop a healer at that point. We 2 healed Garalon on the kill but 3 healed it while we were learning (haven't tried 3 healers post-hotfix) and are currently 3 healing Mel'jarak after experimenting with 2 and figuring out that we can still beat the enrage with 3.

    I think its kind of silly to force yourself to bring 2 healers if it's easier with 3. There are many obvious cases where 2 healers are viable or preferable but there are also some where 2 healers makes it more nail-biting than it need be.

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    We vary by fight - usually 2 or 3. However, H Stoneguard was 4 healed. We suspect that the 4 heal is only needed on chains week (ie 3/4). We two heal spirit totems guy and Elgelon. (Clear on MoV - 1H boss; downed the first in HoF as of last night). The two heals are monk/paladin. The third healer is a shaman (elemental offspec). The fourth healer is the hunter's resto druid alt (he does a lot of tile running in our strategy).

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    We 2 heal everything in reg MSV (2 or 3 heal H-SG depending on comp, 2 heal H-Feng, and are 2 healing with another designated hybrid healer for H-Garajal progress). We 2 healed the first two in HoF and are 2 healing Garalon. Our two healers happen to be particularly strong, however. If you don't feel that yours are, 3 healing most fights is completely viable (or even more, as Nzete mentioned, where possible).

    I wouldn't bring another healer just for p2 Blade Lord. However, I would make sure that all of your hybrid classes that can throw heals do so. It's ultimately your decision of course. If you feel your dps is strong enough to lose one for the healer and still meet his enrage, then by all means go for it.
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    We usually 3 heal unless we have to 2 heal to meet an enrage or some other mechanic. All of our healers do a lot of DPS while healing, though. We usually run with a Disc, Mistweaver, and R Druid.

    We're 4/6 H MSV (SK, not Elegon yet), 6/6 N HoF. DPS healers seem to work very well.
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    Depends on the fight. But on the specific example you mentioned of the 2nd boss in HoF we actually switched from 3 to 2 healers after our first pull because we simply didn't feel it was needed. Killed it no problem on the first attempt with 2 healers. What i would advice though is waiting a few secs after being dropped of by the tornadoes to give your healers a chance to heal people before you all start running.

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    Generally we've been 2 healing (Holy Priest/Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman) everything except for Heroic Stone Guard and Normal Garalon with 3. Currently 4/16H without Spirit Kings, and 4/6 for HoF. Our Holy Paladin didn't enjoy the blade phase very much either, as others have said, get hybrid classes to heal on the run up.

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    We have 4 healers in our roster (no Monk) but we mostly we only use 2. The exception is Heroic Stone Guard, Normal Garajal and Normal Garalon. We're only 3/6 Heroic and 3/6 in HoF.

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    We 3 heal whenever we can, don't really see the point to under heal fights when you don't need to. Especially this early in progression when people are still making mistakes.

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    As a 6/6 normal guild we have been using 2 or 3 healers depending on our overal dps and enrage timer. Allthough the last raid we didnt had 3 healers available at the start so we ended up doing alot of bosses with 2 healers, not sure which bosses were done with 3.

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    We usually use 3 healers for most stuff, dropping down to 2 healers wherever needed to beat enrage timers etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendeis View Post
    We usually use 3 healers for most stuff, dropping down to 2 healers wherever needed to beat enrage timers etc.
    Same here, we use a Resto Druid, Holy Priest and Holy Paladin... for some fights (Elegon, Will) we use just two (Priest and Paladin).
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    2 or 3 depending on the fight. Then 1 or 2 tanks, again depending on the fight, and we fill the vacant spots with dps. simple as that.

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    We 2 heal everything but Stone guards which should be more than doable on normal (6/6 MSV normal and 2/6 HoF). A combination of holy paladin, resto druid and resto shaman.
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    2 but we have a 3rd on backup (her main is dps) - our guaranteed healers are paladin + druid

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    Why not just use a holy or disc priest? You get an extra 30-40k dps and when the shit hits the fan they still have all the capability of a full time healer.

    If that's not an option remember hybrids can off heal when things get nasty.

    There's definitely things you can do to meet the middle ground if you don't want a full time 3rd healer.

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    We're using Holy Priest and Resto Druid, and on heroic bosses our Elemental Shaman goes Resto.

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    Heal comp: Druid | Shaman | D/S Priest

    HC MsV 2-heal: Spirit Kings, Elegon, Will of the Emperor
    HC MsV 3-heal: Stone Guard, Feng the Accursed, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

    HoF 2-heal:
    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Blade Lord Ta'yak, Garalon, Amber-Shaper Un'sok
    HoF 3-heal: Wind Lord Mel'jarak*, Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    *The boss is very doable with 2 but we played it safe since DPS was a non-issue.
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    we was uesing 3 healer but from this week we start to use just 2 and we down stone guard with 2 healer and we will try feng with 2 healer 2night

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    For HoF we have only 3 healed the first and second boss, the 3rd and 4th boss we 2 healed, amber shaper we are 2 healing that as well. In MSV we 3 healed the first 2 bosses, 2 healed garajal, 2 healed elegon, not sure yet on SK.

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