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    When I was leveling my 2nd toon (pally) 85-90 I was at level 89 and hoping to get to 90 that night. I had a shadow priest corpse camp me litrally for 3 hours.. I could not fly so there was no escape, I would slowly run to the flight path and fly away but he just flew right next to me then gank me as I landed. It was about 3am at that time so nobody could help me. Was very frustrating, I would queue dungeons and wait to get it, Once i got out he would be there lol. Ended up just logging out for 30 mins and he was gone. I dinged and the next day he made an Alliance toon and congrats me on 90. Was funny :P

    I think its ok to gank once or twice, but camping is just shit. Even if its not happening to me, I don't see why you would want to make somebody that miserable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    I wish a more detailed description was added when selecting a PVP server.

    "By choosing this server type, you have made yourself vulnerable to certain douchebags who will grief you in any way possible"
    How about this: By selecting this server you have decided to man the hell up. Good job sir now put your helmet on,pick up your sword and come get some. FOR THE HORDE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSRilk View Post
    I don't understand why people complain about getting shot in NYC. I mean, they knew the risks when they chose to go there. It's part of life. There's absolutely no moral question here.
    Again, it's something you specifically sign up for and agree to when you join a PvP server.

    If you wanted to be accurate, your analogy should've been more like;

    "I don't understand why people complain about getting shot when playing paintball. I mean, they knew the risks when they chose to play paintball. It's part of the game. There's absolutely no moral question here."

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