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    Legend of Zelda, first game I EVER commited to beat. My big brother was more of a gamer than me however this one was mine. Great feeling.

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    Streets of Rage
    Mea Culpa Lord Valthalak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    Adventure, for the Atari 2600.
    That's the first one I recall beating. I played that game to death!

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    Super Mario 64 was the first game I beat with 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by xiza View Post
    super mario world on snes! man, my whole family played that shit!
    Hell yeh. Pretty sure every kid in the early 90's played the hell out of that game.

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    Oh my, that is a thinker for certain... I think though that Ghosts'n'goblins on the C64 would have to be the first one that I ever finished.

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    Soulbringer for PC, came out in 2000, awesome game, was 8 when I played and beat it, I still play it to this day, beat it in fact like 3 months ago again lol, great memories

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    I don't know you people remember this....

    If I had to guess it was probably Cyber Sled on the PS1.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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    Now, Waaldo is prepared to look for this person like Prince Charming testing everyone to see just how bad their psychological disorder is if their foot fits in the glass slipper.

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    Pokémon Red! Unless it's not counted unless you capture all pokémon in which case it's probably Crash Bandicoot.
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    The one that springs to mind is Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Gameboy. Not sure if it is actually the first game I completed, but I know I played the shit out of it as a kid so we'll roll with that.

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    Something on the original gameboy or Nintendo 64...

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    Secret of Mana; Super Nintendo. gotta love the old school squaresoft games (secret of evermore, final fantasy III, chrono trigger)

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    i don't know for certain, i'll take a guess at it being pokemon yellow. the other games i played before yellow i don't remember if i beat them or if i played them a little after shrug. age 5-7
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    I have no idea what it was named, but when I was a kid there was this game on PC, I don't know if it was DOS or Win 3.1.
    Anyway you had this little spaceship and the goal was to close in the big spaceship on the screen. The big one moved around alot, the little ship had a shield as long as it was on the edges of the area.
    You could go into the non edged areas and draw a line, then if you returned to the edge the parts that you lined off would disapear and form more edges. Like that you would leave the big ship without alot of space untill it blew up. That game was awesome back then :P

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    Very hard game for the time. If i remember right i stil played it in dos.

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    Probably Mario Kart 64

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    As far as I can remember, it was Zool on my dad's old amiga. One of my best memories
    Being about 7 at the time, you have no idea how difficult that game was to finally beat. Magazines actually critisized it for being so difficult lol
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    Teenage mutant ninja turtles on the NES, Super mario on the nes, maybe alex the kidd, was that sega? wherever it was built into the machine?

    computer was wolfenstein 3d, and yeah that was before doom
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