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    The first ending I remember seeing was this:

    My mom beat it though, often. I could never get this ending myself.

    +20 points if you can name the game (Without Cheating)

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    Super Mario 64.

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    Snes Power rangers, oh wow! i can't still find the version i played, there's like 3 for Snes.

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    Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation . I don't think I've left ANYTHING in there (Didn't have internet back then so I'm not 100% sure i've done everything, my info was from strategy guides and rumours )

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    29,047 - probably. I only made it to lv 142 in so that was close but no cigar

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    Sonic 3 and Knuckles... Still have more fun playing that then most games lol. Rose tinted glasses ftw

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    Pokemon Yellow? Does that count?
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    Warhammer PS2 game.

    Several years before I couldn't even beat A Bugs Life...

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    mario bross on the nintendo console the first at he age of 6 without cheats ofc
    trust me took me some frustration at that age
    and i olso played that duck shooting game on the nintendo
    the one where u shoot the duck and the dog go grab the dead duck
    ooh man the good times

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    I think i have to say Halo 1 on the originally xbox. Nostalgia....

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    super mario world on snes! man, my whole family played that shit!
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    Crash Bandicoot, probably.
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    We're probably looking at one of the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Genesis. But I don't remember if that was my first, or was there something before on the Atari or Commonder, I was about 2-3 years old when I got into gaming. But my major memories are on things like ToeJam and Earl, Road Rash or Legend of Zelda for the Snes.

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    Ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday. Good old Kirby's Avalanche on SNES. I could never beat any of the old Donkey Kongs or Super Mario but I rocked Kirby's Avalanche xD

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    Turrican on an Amiga 500 is the first one i remember. But I'm quite sure I beat some other games before on Commodore C16, C64 and Amiga, but I can't really remember them.

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    The first I remember was Pokemon Red, when I was 7 I think. It was the first game I owned, and I didn't understand any english at the time. I still have no idea how I managed that.

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    I don't think i've ever beaten any single-player game without some sort of cheating (except SC2 and D3, though those are obviously connected games with a single player mode), not because i want to get an unfair advantage but because i'm naturally curious. I don't really count the old Master System or SNES games simply because i don't remember them well enough.

    Actually, there are a few i've beaten without cheats. MW2, BF3, Portal, Portal 2, BFBC2, etc. I just don't remember the first. I'd like to say Pokemon Red from the late 90's, but even then i used the trade bug to dupe Mew from someone who got it legit. Again, it was always out of curiosity more than anything.

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    007 Tomorrow Never Dies for the PS1.

    I also played Star Wars: The phantom menace for PS1, but I could never get past the 3rd map. Went back at age 20 and defeated the game rather easily.

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    I believe it was the first Crash Bandicoot game.
    Howay the lads!

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    Probably The Count by Scott Adams, if that counts as "Beating the game"

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