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    What was the 1st game you ever beat?

    as the title says whats the very 1st game you can remember beating..this is without cheats or shortcuts. so yes the mario tubes to world 8 count as a cheat..up down left right hold A and hit start is a cheat..imma also add in Contra 30 extra lives kinda made it too easy.

    for me? it was the 1st donkey kong county. i beat it when i was 7...i think...
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    I want to say Panzer General or Crash Bandicoot, I can't recall to be honest

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    Kirby's Super Star with my nephew. We played that game soo much. I'm not sure how old I was.. I wanna say 6, maybe 7.

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    Xenon I think.

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    Red Alert 1 soviet campagin.

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    Bruce Lee - C64. I was 6 .

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    Lylat Wars, or Starfox 64 if you wern't in Europe
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    Kirby's Island on gameboy (yea the old grey brick) I was 7 years old.
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    Power Rangers on the SNES

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    Pokemon Blue; before that I invested a ton of time in a ton of games I never beat

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    Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. Can't remember.

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    I.. Don't think I've ever beaten a game. I've only played a handful of games that can be beaten (mostly on Nintendo 64) and all these years later I've never completed Super Mario 64, never got all the characters for Supersmash Bros. and I never got to the final map of GoldenEye.

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    Hmmm... beating a game? My first memories include a 8-bit "push boxes around"-game that had a 4-digit number of levels, so that ain't gonna be it... I wish I remembered what were the games I ran before I had even dosshell. There was some flight sim that was about movie stunts, but that was so sandboxy you couldn't beat it. Jet Pack gave me a virus and I already had windows 3.1 at the time so that isn't it... Cosmo? Nah, I got a demo for that as an add to something and then bought the whole deal... I remember I had played the shit out of Colonization already when I got Civilization 1. It took me years to learn enough english and grow smart enough an from adolescent kid to actually complete Maddocks Adventure or whatever the hell it was called. And I used to play pacman at my cousins place but that must have been way later because I knew how to use DOS commands.

    The first game that could be beat that I actually beat... must be Commander Keen or Sid Meier's Colonization.

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    Xexyz took me 6 months to beat when I was around 8 years old. After that I took my hand at Mission: Impossible and banged my head against that wall for another 6 months before giving up the console completely.

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    Super Mario Bros I believe it was ... Might be wrong!

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    I think my first game to 100% was Super Mario 64.

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    Alex Kidd on the master system.. rock scissors paper!
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    Probably Golden Axe on the master system.

    (fuck showing my age now!)
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    Touhou hard 1cc \o/

    No I really have no clue. =\ My memory is terrible.
    Probably one of the Zelda games.

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