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    Pokemon Red, ftw.
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    It's really hard to say, I would have been around 6 years old. I am thinking it might have been Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Genesis. However I don't actually remember beating that game but it was one of my first games. On the other hand it was actually probably a Nintendo 64 game that I had beaten first. Now I do remember beating Ocarina of Time at a young age so I will go with that. Ugh my memory is awful, either that or it was just too long ago. I remember my first games for the N64 were The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Star Fox (all great games btw)
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    The original Super Smash Brothers - within my memory. I played a lot of games before that but did not necessarily beat them or complete them.

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    Super Mario on the gameboy pocket. then pokemon green on my new gameboy colour (the neon green one xD ). on console it was crash bandicot. pc warcraft.

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    Diddy kong racing..... next was Zelda: Oot I Believe

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    The first game I remember beating was Raiders of the Lost Ark for the atari 2600

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