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    Battle pets not counting towards achievement.

    Is anyone else having a serious issue in getting caged battle pets to count towards the Safari achievement? Some of mine will pop up after 2-3 cages, but a few of the pandaria ones (garden moth, silkbead snail and shrine fly) I've caged almost a dozen times with no luck. Any have a work around this? I have a ticket in for it, but that will be answered during the weekend I'm sure.

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    I had this for a day, and it was sorted by relogging each time I wanted it to update its progress. Annoyed me, as I also got over 9k and it didnt show up in feed >:

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    It's just buggy achievement UI. You have credit, and the achievement will complete once you meet all the criteria - it just won't always display properly.

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    I have been having this issue too. Some of my pet battle achievements like level a pet to 20 weren't popping when I completed the requirements. But luckily its just a ui bug as far as I can tell since a relog will cause the achievement to right itself.

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I had to double check my ach with the pet log to see which I was actually missing, and sure enough I got the ach (Even though the UI said I was missing 7). I would feel worse if I hadn't been leveling other pets while trying to finish it off, so not all the time was wasted.

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    It's posted in the known issues thread. Until they have fixed it, they've stated that the pets you were having issues with, specifically emperor crab, garden moth, silkbead snail and shrine fly aren't required to complete the Pandaria safari achievement.

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