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    Poll: Do you think that LFR is fun?

    Since I haven't seen a thread about this. I would like to know the opinion of the people visiting this forum about this simple question.
    Do you think that LFR is fun?

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    Is fun to run it on some alts and just to chill with some guildies without worrying about stuff too much.

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    It has plenty of negative moments, but overall, fun far outweighs them for me.

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    Kinda. It is fun when you have a good group, but frustrating when there's people that just don't have a clue. <---- That's my DK right over there.

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    Sometimes its fun when u do it with friends. If alont its rather boring but still for me its something to do.

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    Not really. I do it to fill in gaps in my gear, but I won't run it if I don't need something from it. It's not that I hate it or anything, or even don't enjoy myself when I'm playing... but there are other things I'd rather be doing for fun.

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    God no, it isn't fun!

    But I do it for the basic experience of the fights, and so the free gear/gold.
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    Im just running LFR for gap fillers and sigils now.

    Of course as a healer its very nice to sit there and spam LFR ques until I get a 2/6 and snag a nice 45/90 vp very quickly.

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    It's fun! Gives me a chance to raid on all my alts. Though I wish there was a qq filter for people complaining about the loot system lol, I prefer this one over the cata one.

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    In comparison to other ways of getting pre-raid gear and valor, yeah it's fun. Objectively, not really. There is no challenge, no meaningful reward, no social interaction.

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    I do other stuff in LFR. I just beat Quake again, so I'm playing Scribblenauts on my 3DS.

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    I steamroll LFR each week with a full guild run before our Tuesday raid. Some hilarious moments come out of that, like pushing Elegon past 50% in the first phase, which bugs him out such that he never goes into the final phase and just falls over dead. It's fun in the same way that laughing your way through a solo Karazhan is fun.

    However, if I have to do it with the dregs found in the queue? My alt has to do this each week, and it's probably the most frustrating thing in the game for me simply because half the raid isn't even playing at any given time. Level 90s doing 25k DPS in 460 ilvl gear, healers being in DPS spec, tanks having no idea how the fights work... it feels like I have to yell at everyone in the raid and constantly tell them what to do like they're 4 year olds or something. In that case, no, it is not fun.

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    The Lightbringer Danishpsycho's Avatar
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    I utter hate it and it makes my rage bar fill up really fast, yet I do it cause I want the effing Sigils of Wisdom and the odd chance of a Tier token.

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    Eh...I voted yes, it's more fun than running heroic dungeons, and it's nice to get a little boost in gear. But compared to normal/heroic raiding, it just doesn't suffice for me. I like the challenge and feeling of defeating bosses that aren't complete facerolls and working more as a team. If LFR was the only raiding there was left, I wouldn't be playing the game.

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    Scarab Lord zephid's Avatar
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    No, it's too easy. Only doing LFR for some easy valor points.

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    With a guild group yes, without a guild group no.

    But then again, it applies to everything in this game. Everything in this game is boring if you do it on your own, it's meant to be a social game after all.

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    No, I find it terribly dull, but I'm not part of the target it was meant for. I prefer not to do it, but I wouldn't want it removed to not trouble people who do enjoy it.

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    LFR feels like the pieces of cakes from last week that was left over, and you for some reason feel like tasting them this week before the real raiding starts again. It tastes like shit but you still do it.
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    Not really, I just do it for lootz on my alt

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    Not really, it just feels like the bosses have so much health and nothing really happens. It's just a long zerg.
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