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    Let ppl vote on H Vizier Zor'lok I want to see the dificulty bar on a 12 or something lol.

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    any update with new bosses? :P

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    Protectors of the Endless and Lei Shi are quite easy. Tsulong isn't too bad. Sha of Fear is probably the hardest normal mode boss just on DPS requirements, but if the DPS is there he'll seem easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elderamy View Post
    any update with new bosses? :P
    I'll try and get a new, updated survey up soon.
    Life is good.

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    found heroic wind lord to be very easy on heroic if you cc all the amber shapers. and we only had one priest. probably the easiest progression boss for us so far.

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    Just from my experience spirit kings is the easiest fight in MV my guild is having alot more trouble with elegon

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