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    [TV] Haunted Planet.

    Hopefully I won't get in trouble for posting this, long time wow player reason I'm posting it here since alot of friends who play wow also post on the forums.

    There's a new uk web exclusive series called "Haunted Planet - Seven Nights At Birkwood"
    I was one of the directors of the show.
    It was all done to raise money for a local mental health charity (already raised a load due to the show)
    Seven nights in one of Scotland's scariest castles, with a ton of uk celebrities.

    We released episode one on Halloween and you can watch it on either www.hauntedplanet.org or on www.youtube.com/HauntedPlanetTV
    The social media sites for it are www.twitter.com/HauntedPlanetTV www.facebook.com/HauntedPlanetTV

    Had a lot of feedback about the show (main bit being intro/interviewing celebs went on too long) so episode 2 and beyond is being re edited to make it more about the investigation.

    If its not your thing, no need to be unkind, it was made to raise money for charity after all.

    Hope you enjoy and that I don't get in trouble for posting this.

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    No this isn't an attempt to bump the thread (sorry mods if its viewed that way x)
    Tonight at 10pm UK time episode two is out , it's been re edited and re worked based on feedback on twitter/fb and YouTube,
    So hopefully anyone that felt put off by how long the intro and interviews were in episode one will give it another chance.
    Found out today it's already raised a lot of money for the charity the show was made for.
    Tonight's episodes guests are dene Michael (from iconic 80s band black lace) and grant Gillen (Scottish actor from movie NEDS)
    With Tricia ford from coronation street.

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    Episode 3 is out now, again the show has been reworked due to feedback.
    So far a lot of positive responses on YouTube and its raising a lot of money for charity already.
    I know some from this forum have watched it due to the website feedback, so thanks for that!
    You can watch eoisode three on

    Hope you enjoy the show!

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    Just to update this, all episodes got reworked so links above are broken.
    All available on www.youtube.com/HauntedPlanetTV
    Filming series two in February, all in support of breast cancer care. Amazing charity.
    Even turned the official website for the show pink which is their colour,

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    I feel bad for you that no one ever posted in your thread, so here you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    I feel bad for you that no one ever posted in your thread, so here you go.
    Lol thanks
    Just happy to do a show that also raises money for charity

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