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    Quote Originally Posted by tlacoatl View Post
    maybe you could be a little less snarky at people trying to help you?
    All I said is if you read my post, that's not be snarky...I need help, if people don't read my post fully how can they help? Otherwise I end up repeating things that are mentioned in the origional posting lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmmathe1988 View Post
    I have talked on vent with my guild master and a few others, searched and searched online and I cant find the answer to my issue...

    I can't find any quest to open the chain to do the dailies, I have been to every and I mean every marked place on the map in the zone!...The only quest I see are not to open the chain that I can tell, in fact only 3 of the 5-8 quest I did manage to find "at shrine of the 2 moons" where in the zone! 1 of which lead me to "the golden pagoda" but it dead end'ed when I turned it in, seamed like and "introduce yourself" kind of quest....things I remember doing was doing the trail at the "white tiger temple" and then it took me to the gate, and the gate opened, I remember doing a quest that took me in that center circle in front of the palace and when I turned that in 2 hostels appeared and I fought them!...I also did a quest that I don't remember where I got, think it was also at the shine of 2 moons but it had me get on that dragon and fly too the 2nd story of the palace, but all I saw up there was an archaeology dig daily...IM SO LOST GUYS!!! I have spend a good 2 hours running around that place, and I cant find the chain...I even went back to the temple of the white tiger, and only quest there was for the scenario...any help would be great, I am frustrated as all get out lol
    You go the tiger temple and open the gates.
    Go the Golden Pagoda. You'll get a quest directing you to your shrine and asking you to talk to certain people - of the four you need to talk to, you mention one. This the takes you back to the Pagoda.

    The quest you can't remember was picked p a the Shrine - its the intro to the Lorewalkers.

    Dailies are picked up at the Pagoda. You'll need to be L90 and have flying trained - instead of running around, you should be flying around.


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    GL daily quests requires pre-quest chain which starts at white tiger temple at kun lai

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlacoatl View Post
    maybe you could be a little less snarky at people trying to help you?
    Pfft, this is WoW! Being an ass to people trying to help you is just the thing to do!

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