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    prot dps on Garalon

    Is there anyway 2 get high prot dps on this fight, without vengeance i wonder is there is a way to get my dps up 2 help beat the enrage. just someones world of logs for me to take a look at. even some talent ideas would be helpful?

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    go retri and soak the damage as retri
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    Last night on 25, we managed to just beat the enrage with both tanks pulling a total of 70k dps. That said, could we get a log of your guilds attempts? Knowing whether it's 10 or 25 and how many healers you're running with has a pretty big impact on the advice you should be getting.

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    its 10 man and we aint done the fight but i did read the enrage was tough and was looking for an insight, sorry if its seems noobish

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    Enrage is 7minutes now you shouldnt NEED to dps as a tank, we got him down last night (25man) with our pally tank doing a massive 19k dps and our other tank doing 24k dps

    We had melee stay on legs and cleave the boss, and ranged stay on boss whilst dot-ing up the legs (so they required less movement)

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    same problem here....its just absurd and boring as hell as prot infront of him. the highest vengeance was a stunning 15k........my dps was about 20k...

    (10 man that is)
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    downed it last night 25man, both tanks Wolled to top #30 and pulled just under 90k total (45k and 43k)

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