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    [H] Neon - Karazhan EU.

    <Neon> is a PvE raiding guild on Karazhan EU. The guild currently consists mainly of a core group of friends that has the main goal to have fun while playing World of Warcraft. Although we are a casual 10man guild we aim to be one of the leading guilds when it comes to progression on the server. We put teamwork on top of all, so if you think you are a team player - this might be the guild for you.

    We are currently 2/6 MSV HC, 6/6 HoF and 4/4 ToES.

    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: W W W . N E O N - G U I L D . C O M :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Open classes:

    * Druid - Guardian, Balance
    * Monk - Brewmaster
    * Priest - Holy, Disipline, Shadow
    * Rogue

    !!!Especially interested in Ranged DPS - Specifically Warlocks, Balance Druids and Spriests!!!

    We will however consider other classes and specs if you back your application up by good logs from WoL, or we consider you an exceptional applicant.

    What can we offer?

    * One of the most stable horde guilds on Karazhan EU.
    * Over four years experiences with raiding the end game content.
    * Quite laid back guild environment with 18+ age requirement (and zomg tabard and guild bank slots!)
    * Own ventrilo server which can be used not only during the raids but at all times for social/non-raid events.
    * Guildbank repairs for all raiders on ALL progression raids.
    * Free enchants/flasks/food/glyphs for dedicated raiders.
    * Any required realm transfers for the main raiding toon paid for.

    What do we expect?

    * We are demanding a 80% raid attendance.
    * Eagerness to progress through the content even if that means to die a lot .
    * To be a minmaxer. That means always looking for gear and playstyle improvements.
    * The willingness to learn new ways, ability to listen, take the criticism and not repeat the same mistakes again.
    * To be able to understand spoken English.
    * To know your own class from top to bottom.

    Raid times:

    Main raids are Monday, Thursday and Sunday. The raid invite time is at 20.00 game time, 20.15 the raid commences and ends at 23.00. The end time is sometimes prolonged up to 30 mins in favour of progress. There will be a 10 minute break at around 21:30. If you think you are the right man or woman for us and want to be part of our team, please make an application on our forum or contact any of our officers in-game: Veinlash, Pixil, Kikle, Dave or Yupso.


    Veinlash -Veinlash#2347 (Sverre)
    Dave - Dave#2645 (Dave)
    Yupso - Supyo#2342 (Eivind)
    Pixil - Syberite#1493 (Steve)
    Kikle - Kikle#2856 (Dan)
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    Updated to include realm transfers for the raiding character paid for.

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    Currently 6/6 MSV and looking for some ranged DPS to fill out our roster!!

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    Bump to the top! Still recruiting!

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    Neon are still recruiting and we welcome applications from healers, specially Priests or Druids and Ranged DPS. Locks and Balance Druids welcome to apply.

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    Making steady progress now! Looking actively for ranged DPS and any realm transfer for the main raiding toon will be paid for!!

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    Bumping to the toppppp!

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    Making steady progress now! Actively looking for ranged DPS and any realm transfer for the main raiding toon will be paid for!!

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