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    Everquest Next info?

    I know there's not much info on it right now but is there any kind of official news other than fans blogs? That's really all I've been able to find.

    After reading the Ultima Online thread it kinda got me excited >.<

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    A few things are known:

    - Uses the Planetside 2 engine
    - Sandbox MMO
    - Organic questing
    - Reinvents Norrath [i.e. it's not a direct sequel to EQ1/2]
    - Free 2 Play
    - Smed made a big deal of emergent content driven by players
    - Supposedly serious in tone

    Good interview here: link.

    Could have all changed though. Not a lot is known or talked about. Still way too early, the game is maybe a year or more away.

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    Hmmmm, another EQ?

    Dont get me wrong, EQ1 was epic and EQ2 passed sometime. But do we really need another? I kinda thought Elder Scrolls:Online might be the new EQ.

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    This actually makes me slightly excited, been wanting to play a proper hardcore style MMO again, and maybe this might fit the bill

    <3 EQ but its too old for me now, but this could make me happy again

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    Quote Originally Posted by philefluxx View Post
    I kinda thought Elder Scrolls:Online might be the new EQ.
    Huh? What about Elder Scrolls is synonymous or similar to Everquest?

    Pretty different series other than the fantasy setting.

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