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    First one. I dislike the taste of alcohol so I don't drink it.

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    Eat and never put on weight (though this would assume I don't become underweight). If I could eat whatever the hell I wanted and maintain a healthy weight, I would take that without a second thought.

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    The food one obviously.

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    I don't drink to get drunk so I'd probably go with that one oddly enough.

    Maybe I'm thinking too much but if you picked the first one you would end up extremely unhealthy because you would be able to down so much junk food. You could say that you would eat healthy, but in reality I doubt you would if fast food or whatever you enjoy was cheaper.

    But like i said, i'm probably thinking to much about it >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy valmer View Post
    Would you pick the power to eat and never put on weight or the power to drink and never get drunk and hungover.
    The first ... I almost mastered the latter

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    Eating one, whats there to think about : )

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    Does the drinking one also include immunity to alcohol poisoning? If so, I'd go with that one. It seems like a good way to win a lot of bets without repercussion.

    If not, I'd pick the food one. I'm not overweight, but I hate watching what I eat.

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