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    What i think ret needs for pvp

    Avenging Wrath(Ret only): Cooldown Reduces to 1.5 minute - Damage and Healing Increase reduces to 12%

    Templar's Verdict: Now Deals 320% Weapon damage (up from 275%)

    Execution Sentence: no longer deals damage over time, but now deals a final burst of damage after 5 sec - Impact damage increased by 50%. Cooldown Reduced to 35 sec.

    Inquisition: Duration increased to 1 minute, Still Require 3 Holy Power to use but no longer comsumes them. Crit chance gained by Inquitsition is increased to 15%

    Guardian of the ancient kings(ret only): Cooldown reduces to 3 minutes (down from 5 minutes)

    Hammer of Wrath(ret only): Now have a passive 50% crit chance

    Boundless Conviction (Ret only): While at 5 Holy Power, the paladin grants the ability to cast Flash of light while moving and mana cost reduces by 30%

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    You didn't by chance work at blizzard shortly before wolk when holy damage divine storm was out did you? It seems like your type of suggestion, in a back in time sort of sense.

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