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    Questions: Today 5.1? Valor Upgrade System?

    Hello, some simple questions:

    I know HoF is being released today, but is today's patch actually 5.1 or is it like 5.06?

    If not today, what is considered 5.1? Is it ToS? Or is 5.1 tier15?

    In the past there's been a lot of talk about the valor upgrade system, and it was supposed to launch with 5.1, but I haven't heard anything about it in the last month or so, is that still in the works?

    Supposing 5.1 is today, and the valor upgrade system is introduced. Now, would we be able to upgrade BiS gear (ie: 509 pieces into something even higher?) If not, would be able to upgrade 502 gear to 509 values....? Or can we upgrade 496 into 509 and 489 into 502?

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    Today is not 5.1. That's still a few months off.

    As far as I know, the valor upgrade bumps stuff up to the current max item level, so I don't believe you can increase heroic gear, but I'm not sure.

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    There is no patch today, we are still in 5.05. The only thing that has changed today is HoF is no longer locked (its part of 5.0 raid tier). 5.1 has no raids but might possibly have the valor upgrade system. 5.2 is next raid tier.

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    5.1 is not today, noone knows how the valor upgrade system works or if its even gona be in 5.1 (blizz said it would but who knows). And 5.1 wont have a raid tier in it.

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    There was a blog done during MoP beta for the Valor Upgrade system, that should answer all your questions (cause they system was done for MoP launch, they just felt it wasn't needed right away when you got so much gear to upgrade still).

    I would go fetch a link, but the Battle.net family of sites is down for maintenance for the time being.

    Suffice to say: You can upgrade ANY piece of gear to a higher ilevel (yes, even Heroic or Heroic Elite items). I believe the general outline is that with 3 upgrades invested (which is the max for any item) you can effectively make it a full tier stronger than it already is.

    3 upgrades on an LFR = Normal
    3 Upgrades on a Normal = Heroic
    3 Upgrades on a Heroic = Awesome
    3 Upgrades on Heroic Elite = Really Awesome

    And IIRC, each upgrade cost like 300 VP as per the blog from Beta, so you could upgrade 1 item all 3 tiers, every week (and a 4th item gets 1/3 of it's upgrades every 3rd week).
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    I disagree that it is a few months off. There is no new raid coming in 5.1 so it won't take as long. The 5.1 release date was also very heavily hinted by Admiral Rogers in Jade Forest. I can't quote it exactly but she said something along the lines of "the might of the alliance navy will reach the shores of Pandaria in 2 months time." My guess is November 20th or 27th.

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    Thanks everyone for the info!

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    More info my ilvl 463 belt upgrade 0/1 my sha skin gloves 0/2 lfr gear 0/2 my ilvl 458 0/1 my ilvl 442 0/0
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