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    Thoughts for Holy in PvP

    Priests are pretty messed up in pvp as we know so i thought of this stuff to see it may be realistic =P

    1. Reduce the CD of Holy Word: Serenity, slightly, to 8 seconds, allowing for a more reliable heal
    like Penance

    2. Make Holy Word: Serenity give a buff that reduces the mana cost of the priest's next Flash Heal or Binding Heal by 25%, stacking twice, helping with the terrible mana problem that priest have right now, and allowing Serendipity to be used effectively

    3. Increase the direct healing increase by Chakra: Serenity by 15%, making it 30% so it can stand with Grace in disc.

    4. Add a new spell that can be holy’s version of Inner focus. Give it a 15 or 20 second cooldown, the next cast by the priest is immune to interrupt effects, and it causes the nest priest heal to also redirect the next X damage done to the target go to the priest. So you cast it, then cast Flash Heal for 100k, another 100k damage is redirected to the priest. Give it any name

    5. Lower the Cooldown of switching chakra states to 15 seconds, allowing for a quick change to damage to burst, or aoe for a stronger Divine Hymn, then a quick return for single target healing.

    6. Lastly put Blessed Resilience back into the game, it was a great way to keep yourself up without having to add another spell.

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    Isn't a buff to the two healing Chakras coming in 5.1? Iirc from 15 to 25%.
    And a buff to the damage Chakra, which will then increase the damage by 50% and reduce the manacosts of smite and holy fire by 90% (though I didn't ever went below 98% even with the 75% nowadays).

    I'd really love to have a lower cooldown on the Chakras, or at least a reduced one if you switch to the damage one, as for now it's nice to have this mechanic of "making the decision to heal or dps" every 30 seconds, but it's such a long time that it really isn't worth switching unless you can be totally sure to get a kill from it, in arena, as otherwise the lowered healing and even more the loss of HW: Serenity really hurts more than a little damage is worth, in my opinion.

    Also I'm still not really sure what to make of HW: Chastice. :/

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