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  • I would like a new Faction, and i like your idea about Old Horde.

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    No. too much of the game is fundamentally built for two factions. We won't see one unless they made WoW 2 at some point, end maybe not even then.

    Battlegrounds are structured this way. The story from one to ninety is structured this way. It just wouldn't work. They would have to revamp too much and after Cataclysm I don't see them doing it again anytime soon.

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    That faction could be related to Old Horde (The True Horde)
    I'm sorry, but no. No. The Old Horde died with Blackhand and Doomhammer. It lives on as a shadow of its former self in the Blackrock clan.

    The New Horde is now the True Horde, the Horde faction that we play. It was formed and shaped by Thrall and its ideals differed greatly from the Old Horde.

    I find it silly when people make characters Horde and expect to be the rampaging bloodthirsty warmongers of the Old Horde. That's not what this Horde is about.
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    There won't be a third, playable faction. It's way too late for such a dramatic change, and really, it wouldn't even be logically possible. Chances are that the forces Garrosh will command in the Siege of Orgrimmar will be about the size of what we saw of the rebel Forsaken in the Battle For the Undercity, and subsequently, they're probably all going to die, along with Garrosh himself.
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    Unlikely to happen. As it is there are supersh!tstorm QQs every time Blizzard does any lore progression with riots of fanbois/gals frothing at the mouths insisting the opposite faction has an advantage and demanding they be given the same.

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    Given the structure of the game, a third faction would be difficult, if not impossible, to implement.

    Also, Illidan was said to have consumed all of the Skull of Gul'dan's powers in Warcraft III. Gul'dan was also a well-known traitor to the Horde. Ner'zhul is not "out there", he became the Lich King and then was supposedly consumed by Arthas.

    And why exactly would the undead ally with them? If you're referring to the Scourge, due to Ner'zhul, then no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiar View Post
    No, Ner'zhul isn't out there. His body was destroyed when Arthas became the Lich King, and Arthas eventually even cast out his spirit as well--it's written in the Arthas novel.
    Except there was a tweet or blue post stating that Ner'zhul was far from finished story wise. I can't remember which it was but do remember seeing it. As for posting a link with the comment, I'll see if I can find it again.
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    I'm starting to wish a third faction, most likely Forsaken-based, would come into existence. But alas.
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    If they DID make a new faction, they would have to find a way to make it distinct from not only the Alliance, but the Horde as well. Making 'evil horde' faction wouldn't cut it. I don't think this idea would go far enough to make it worthwhile.
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    I must say I found ur initial idea and background story to be very appealing to me. Maybe its only because I also want another faction, but i although it's not the best story possible for the breaking of the Horde, hence my vote on the 2nd option of ur poll, I think that the main idea to make this work is there. So, gratz for that =).

    Btw, I would personally like to see the old Horde with orcs,trolls,goblins and ogres and the new faction could have Tauren,belves undead and other most requested races. I never felt like blood elves, forsaken and Tauren had the savagery needed to be called Horde =P

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    They will most likely never implement a third faction. It's too late in the game, it would require a massive re-do of old quests and well, while WoW may not quite be a ''dying game'', putting that much effort into a game this old (especially considering they re-did a lot of old zones in Cataclysm which was 1 x-pac ago) would probably not be very profitable. Plus battlegrounds wouldn't really make sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Will be? I'm sorry but have I missed Blizzard's announcement of the next expansion being Burning Legion? Please put in your sources or be claimed a liar.
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    A fascistic nightmare...
    We need a really fascistic nightmarish Horde and a Liberty loving Horde Rebellion lead by Thrall or maybe Vol Jin (hell even Lor Themar could do it).

    What happens to alliance? Mabye new faction could be Ally/Horde combo?

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    No. Its a stupid idea, sorry m8. I just cant see how this could possibly work. It always has been alliance vs horde.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Will be? I'm sorry but have I missed Blizzard's announcement of the next expansion being Burning Legion? Please put in your sources or be claimed a liar.
    Whatever the next expansion is, I hope that it includes a lot of lore regarding the Ether dudes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    That doesn't mean Ner'zhul is out there. Lore clearly states Arthas consumed the soul of Ner'zhul and overcame him. Ner'zhul's soul is no more.
    Since when can ARTHAS MENETHIL consume souls? If that's canon it sucks. Frostmourne consumed souls and all souls it consumed were freed when it was shattered so if Ner'zhul's soul was in there it's also free.'

    "Ner'zhul was delighted by this, declaring that he and Arthas were now free to merge into a single glorious being. Arthas rejected this offer, stating that once he had the power of the Lich King, no one would tell him what to do again. He impaled the stunned Ner'zhul with Frostmourne, becoming the dominant personality of the Lich King"

    I rest my case.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    3v3 battlegrounds yes please
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    Making another faction is the last Blizzard would want at this moment.
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    I like the idea of a 3rd faction but it's already a pain to play with people you know with only 2 factions.

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    Despite the fact that a 3rd faction would be near impossible to balance and require soo much work that we would have another Cataclysm x100 I really don't see a need nor point in having a 3rd faction

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    Quote Originally Posted by keksplace View Post
    Read my text carefully please.
    Theres nothing about the forsaken, its the scourge that is controlled by Ner'zhul.

    Also many say Ner'zhul is completely dead.
    Why then is Fordragon afraid he ll lose control of himself? That helmet (armor aswell) is nothing without Ner'zhul.
    Why then Arthas became aware of himself after he was freed from the Frostmourne and the helmet?

    I say Ner'zhul is still alive.
    arthas destroyed ner'zhul and consumed him becoming the only entity inside the armor
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